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5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Dining Pool Table

Are you tired of heading out to bars or pool halls every time you want to play? Having your own pool table at home could be the solution.

About 46 million people play pool, making it a popular recreational activity. But not everyone has space for a full-size pool table at home.

That's where a convertible pool table comes into play. It could be the solution you're looking for if you have a small home or limited extra space.

Keep reading to discover five benefits of pool tables with dining tops.

1. Better Use of Space

Not everyone has enough space for a dedicated game room. If space is limited, you may have difficulty finding a room that meets pool table size requirements that isn't already being used for something else.

The combination dining pool table lets you use the same space for two different purposes. It's an efficient way to set up your house when space is limited.

It's also a way to have a pool table in your home when you otherwise wouldn't have enough space. You likely already have a dining table. This option allows you to use that space for both purposes.

2. More Attractive Option

When you have a dedicated game room, you don't mind the pool table sitting out for everyone to see.

But when you have to share spaces, having a pool table out in the open isn't the most attractive option. It likely doesn't go with your regular decor.

A dining pool table combination is a discrete way to have a pool table sitting in the middle of the room with no one knowing. 

3. Easy to Convert

Changing from a pool table to a dining table is simple with this option. That means you can quickly convert between the surface options whenever you need to change.

After you enjoy your meal, remove the dining top to play a few games of pool. If you've been playing pool all afternoon, quickly put the dining table back on at dinnertime.

4. Multiple Playing Options

Many convertible pool tables have more game options beyond pool. A common option is to have a table tennis surface in addition to the pool table and dining tabletop.

This gives you more play options in one space. It increases the versatility of your pool table purchase.

You also have more options in sizing. The standards home pool table is 8 feet. Pool table dining table sometimes come in smaller versions to better fit your space.

5. Protection for Pool Table

A normal pool table sits out with the felt exposed at all times. If someone walks by with a drink and spills it, the felt could be ruined. Dust and sunlight also hit the tabletop at all times.

With pool tables with dining tops, the felt gets a bit of protection when you're not using it as a pool table. The dining table covers the felt to keep spills, dirt, and sunlight from reaching it.

That protection can make your pool table last longer, making it a better investment. This benefit is especially helpful if you have kids who tend to spill or pets who might jump on a regular pool table.

Check Out a Dining Pool Table

A dining pool table gives you the best of both worlds. You can challenge someone to a game of pool anytime with the quick conversion, and still have plenty of space for dining.

Is a dining room pool table the best solution for your home? Check out our selection of pool dining tables to find the perfect fit for your space.