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Outdoor Pool Tables

Pool is not only a pleasant and thrilling leisure activity. It has also been proven to have a substantial mental advantage. A good game of billiards can train your focus, critical thinking, and strategy. This means buying Gaming Blazes' outdoor pool tables for sale is not simply an investment in durability. It is also an investment in your well-being.

A good table can elevate your outdoor gatherings from zero to perfect. This provides interactive entertainment for all guests — from beginners to experienced pool players. All your family and guests can enjoy a good game of pool along with pool parties, barbecues, or birthdays.

Our outdoor billiard tables are built with durability in mind. Hence, they are created using only premium materials. With this level of quality, our products are waterproof and all-weather pool tables. This means they can withstand exposure to the various elements in the outdoors. So you won't have to worry about your pool table wearing down fast.

Aside from durability, another factor you should consider before buying a pool table is its size. Muscle memory may affect your game if you play on a different height table than what you are used to. Thus, our selection of pool tables has variations in size. This gives you the freedom to choose the right height for your playstyle. With the right table means you can perform your very best every single round.

Okay, once we’re past the things to consider, you can focus on the gameplay. It really doesn't differ much from playing with an indoor table. The same mechanics and rules apply. However, a huge perk is that outdoor pool tables provide better shot options due to the wider space.

That’s right! These tables let you enjoy the game and the company of good people while playing in a bigger space. Unfortunately, playing in small spaces interferes with your strategy, focus, and shot selection. Instead of having a good time, playing like this can only lead to frustration and irritation.

Next, let’s talk about quality. We offer pool tables for sale from renowned international brands. Get Playcraft pool tables for sale - these tables are built second-to-none. It’s one of the best outdoor pool tables in the market and will last you a lifetime with proper care and usage.

Our shop takes pride in our products and we are willing to stake our name alongside the brands we champion. Any of our unique and quality tables can improve your billiard experience like no other. Get your outdoor billiard experience started with us. We offer amazing savings on pricing, delivery and installation.

Wait, there’s more. A dining top is a notable and attractive add-on to your pool table. With this, you can transform your table into a pool dining table. This allows you to easily transition from a good game of pool to a good meal and good drinks with friends and family.

What are you waiting for? Explore our catalogue of durable, top-notch, and affordable tables. Playing pool is all about having fun and enjoying outdoor games with friends and family. Upgrade your pool experience with our exclusive collection.

Outdoor Pool Tables FAQs

Yes, you can keep a pool table outside. Outdoor tables are all-weather pool tables. It can withstand rain, snow, and heat damage and still give you a smooth pool experience. If you're considering getting one, look for outdoor table pools for sale.


Most tables make a great all-weather pool table. They have rust-resistant aluminum or stainless steel structures and legs. The main distinctions between the outdoor table models are in their styles. But overall, outdoor pool table legs are guaranteed to last long.


The bed is the most important component of a pool table, especially when it comes to outdoor tables. Gameplay will be significantly affected if a bed is warped or damaged. Although you can't get a waterproof pool table outright, its bed can still hold up against the weather.

Slate beds are used in the construction of the best outdoor pool tables. Slate rock is an excellent choice for the playing surface. But it is heavier and more pricey than tables with other materials' beds. An alternative for your outdoor pool table bed is pearl board, made of Formica and polyester resin.


Outdoor tables need a stronger, water-resistant fabric. Sunbrella cloth, made of acrylic, is a popular cloth for the best pool tables. Taclon and polytech fabric are two more types of cloth commonly seen on other tables.


Almost all tables for sale will come equipped with K66 or K55 bumpers. These rubbers are resistant to the elements on their own. And when coated with weatherproof fabric, you won't have to worry about them wearing down.

If your outdoor billiard table comes with a cover, you may use it while the table is not in use. If it doesn't come with one, it's best to get one. This keeps the elements out of the fabric and keeps the table clean and ready to use.

It is not a good idea to use your outdoor tables for storage of any type. To prolong its life, keep it clean. Some outdoor tables come complete with a cloth brush, but it is well worth the investment if yours does not. Outdoor pool tables are great in direct sunshine and weather. But if you have space under an umbrella or on a balcony, you may extend the life of your table.

You can buy outdoor pool tables here, directly from our website. We offer the highest quality products, world-class customer service, and we offer home delivery and installation. Rest assured your table will be delivered to your home and assembled by a professional. Browse our wide selection of outdoor billiard tables.

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