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6 Best Indoor Pool Tables of 2022: Buyer’s Guide

6 Best Indoor Pool Tables of 2023: Buyer’s Guide

Pool tables make the perfect addition to any family game room. Check out our list of the best pool tables to find one that will match your game room and budget.

6 Best Indoor Pool Tables of 2022: Buyer’s Guide

Many historians date the creation of billiards to the 1340s. Like lawn croquet, billiards evolved as a game played on a rectangular table with balls made of elephant tusks and felt made to resemble grass.

As billiards grew and declined in popularity throughout the years, many credit Paul Newman and the movie The Hustler with the reemergence of billiards in US popular culture and bars across the world.

Nowadays, older and younger generations come together around the pool table for friendly competition and a night out of town.

However, you don’t need to go to a dingy bar or spend money at a pool hall for a fun night with friends and family. Buying a pool table is a great gift for the family and the perfect way to upgrade your game room.

Whether you’re shopping for the best quality pool tables or one that meets your budget, we have you covered. We’ve sorted through a wide selection of different brands, styles, and prices to curate this list of the best indoor pool tables for any budget or professional experience.

Check out this guide for everything you need to know about shopping for an indoor pool table and which pool table is the best for your budget and taste.


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Indoor Pool Tables Buying Guide

What to Look for in a Pool Table

6 Best Indoor Pool Tables of 2022: Buyer’s Guide

Slate Pool Table vs. MDF Pool Tables

The biggest difference between a professional and amateur pool table is the table's physical construction underneath the felt. Generally, consumers have two choices between Slate and synthetic alternatives like medium-density fiberboard (MDF).

Slate is composed of a blend of mineral rocks cut and shaped into a rectangle to create a level playing surface. Slate pool tables offer greater surface tension that can be tuned within 0.0001 of an inch to allow players to articulate shots properly.

Slate pool tables are the top choice of professional pool table manufacturers, and they come in one or three-piece sets. Three-piece sets are often advantageous because they are easier to transport and modify surface tension.

On the other hand, MDF pool tables offer the best alternative and a lower price. However, MDF pool tables tend to rot quicker in moist or humid environments and don’t allow for the same professional level of play as a slate pool table.

In addition, there are several alternatives like slatron pool tables that offer relatively cheap costs but cheap construction. 

Pros of Slate Pool Table

  • Professional-style play 
  • Precision leveling
  • Waterproof and solid construction
  • Greater durability

Pros of MDF Pool Table

  • Cheaper Cost
  • Acceptable gameplay 
  • Lightweight and easy to transport

General Construction

Next, you’ll want to look at the general construction of a pool table to gauge the quality and durability of a pool table. Here are some factors to consider.

  • Legs and Frame: Search for a pool table with sturdy construction that either utilizes a high-end wood, like Oak or Douglas Fir, or a lightweight aluminum frame that’s durable enough to survive years of gameplay.  
  • Rubber Rails: Look for a pool table with either K55 or K66 rubber rails, as these will provide the most professional-style feel. 
  • Hardware: Look for stainless steel or aluminum mounting hardware that will guarantee quality construction that will not fail after a year or so of use. 
  • Functionality: Lots of modern pool tables feature additional functionality, including foldability, LED lights, dining table tops, and pool cue and rack mounts.

Pool Table Felt

Most professional pool tables use worsted cloth, otherwise known as speed cloth, which is mixed with a proprietary blend of 90% wool and 10% nylon. There are several varieties of cloth to choose from, including woolen cloth for similar results. For a true professional-style pool cloth, the best type of pool table felt is a blend of wool and nylon of at least 75% wool and 25% nylon. 

What Size is a Regulation Pool Table?

A regulation-size pool table is typically 9’ long and has 100” x 50” dimensions. However, this size is exclusive to professional playing tournaments. For the most part, standard-sized pool tables are generally 8’ in length, with 7’ pool tables found in most bars. So if you purchase an 8-foot pool table, you’ll most likely experience a different feel if you’re used to bar-size pool tables.

How Much Room Do You Need for a Pool Table?

The amount of room you’ll need for a pool table will depend on the length of your table, your height, and the size of your pool cue. Below, we provide minimum requirements for standard pool table sizes with a 57” pool cue.

7’ Pool Table

12.8’W x 16’L

8’ Pool Table

13.2’W x 17’L

9’ Pool Table

13.8’W x 18’L

How Much Does a Pool Table Cost?

The cost of a pool table depends on its style, functionality, size, and construction. On average, solid construction pool tables of a standard 8’ length range from about $1,500 to $12,000 for high-end pool tables with slate. Several cheaper alternatives, including folding and multi-piece pool tables, which don’t use slate or hardwood construction, range from $500-$1,000.

What Pool Table Do Professionals Use?

Most professionals use 9’ pool tables for professional or tournament play, although sizes vary by location. For example, while most standard residential pool tables in the US are 8’, many professionals use 7’ pool tables in the UK.

Most Popular Pool Tables for Your Home

1. American Heritage Savannah Billiard Table

Best Overall Indoor Pool Table

American Heritage Savannah Billiard Table


7’ Pool Table: 88.53” L x 49.53” W x 31.13” H (Playing Surface 78” L x 39” W)/ 283 lbs.

8’ Pool Table: 98.53” L x 54.53” W x 31.13” H (Playing Surface 88" L x 44" W)/ 298 lbs.


  • Farm style pool table with contemporary features
  • 1” thick 3-piece slate
  • Recessed black hex bolt rail sights
  • Four stylish cloth colors (cloth sold separately)
  • Charcoal or Sable finish 
  • K66 rubber cushioning
  • Drop-in pockets 
  • Choice of 7’ or 8’ table

This stylish farm-style pool table offers a combination of rustic and contemporary styling that will serve as a great centerpiece in any home. Its 1”, 3-piece slate table construction and K66 rubber bumper cushioning offers professional-style gameplay at home with either a 7’ or 8’ pool table.

In terms of aesthetics, this rustic pool table offers it all. Customers can choose among four stylish felt colors: wine, academy blue, gray, white, and a charcoal or sable table finish. In addition, the recessed black hex bolts offer stylish metal rails that provide a professional look.

For the ultimate blend of style and professional gameplay, you can’t do any better at this price than the Savannah Billiards Table by American Heritage.


Starting at $4,995 

2. Playcraft Monaco Slate Pool Table with Dining Top

Best Selling Indoor Pool Table

Playcraft Monaco Slate Pool Table with Dining Top


7’ Table w/ Dining Top: 90” L x 52” W x 31.5” H  (Playing Surface 38” x 76”)/  750 lbs. 

8’ Table w/ Dining Top: 101” L x 57” W x 33” H (Playing Surface 44” x 88”)/ 850 lbs.


  • 2-in-1 pool table and dining room table
  • Optional matching Monaco bench seats 
  • Glossy black or sleek silver finished legs and rail
  • 21oz wool cloth with 25 different cloth colors
  • ¾” backed slate top
  • 3-piece slate construction  
  • Optional hardwood wall or floor rack
  • K55 gum cushions
  • Rails with inlaid sights
  • 100% wood and slate construction (no metals)
  • Meets BCA standards
  • Professional installation recommended
  • 1-year warranty

Manufactured with a 3-piece slate set, this pool table features a solid slate removable table top and two matching Monaco benches that double as an elegant dining room set. The ¾” backed slate tabletop ensures long-lasting construction and complies with all BCA standards.

Customers can choose between a glossy black or silver finish for the rails, bench, and tabletop for a truly sophisticated look. In addition, customers can also choose between optional hardwood floor or wall billiard racks and between 25 different cloth color options to match any room.

Speaking of cloth, this pool table consists of a 21oz. wool cloth blend that provides a smooth and durable playing surface. In addition, this table features a sturdy rail with inline sights and K55 gum cushions for that professional feel.

You can’t do any better than the Playcraft Monaco Pool Table in terms of quality and style. Choose between an 8’ table to meet tournament specifications or a 7’ table to fit your playing space, and enjoy this elegant and durable table.


"The Playcraft Monaco is amazingly perfect! I have a small apartment so I really love that I can convert my dining table into a pool table." - Michael Verified Buyer

Starting at $5,195 

3. Vision Billiards Pronto Ultra Pool Table

Best Modern Indoor Pool Table

Vision Billiards Pronto Ultra Pool Table


7’ Pool Table: 90” L x 52” W

8’ Pool Table: 201” L x 57” W


  • Modern and minimalist design
  • Glass dining table top
  • CNC cut metal frame and legs 
  • Elastic pockets
  • Ball collection system 
  • 10mm oak veneer HPL cushion 
  • Silver, wood, and white stains

For truly modern and chic styling, the Pronto Ultra offers the thinnest and one of most luxurious pool tables on the market. This slim pool table doubles as a luxurious dining table with a glass tabletop. In addition, the CNC machined metal frame and HPL legs allow this pool table to retain a thin composition without being weak.

Furthermore, this pool table offers everything you need in terms of gameplay, from elastic pockets and slate construction to an integrated ball collection system.

For players looking for a sophisticated and modern take on pool tables, the Pronto Ultra is the perfect pool table.


Starting at $10,599 

4. American Heritage Abbey Billiard Table

Best Budget Indoor Pool Table

American Heritage Abbey Billiard Table


7’ Pool Table: 91.25” L x 52.25” W x 32.38” H (Playing Surface 78” L x 39” W)/ 221 lbs.

8’ Pool Table: 101.25” L x 57.25” W x 32.38” H (Playing Surface 88" L x 44" W)/ 295 lbs.


  • 1” 3-piece slate
  • Drop pockets
  • K66 rubber cushioning
  • Chrome hammered diamond rail sights
  • Brushed stainless steel legs
  • Antique Grey or Espresso Finish

The American Heritage Abbey offers a solid wood constructed frame with brushed stainless steel legs for superior durability and stylish finish. Customers can choose between two different brush finishes, including Espresso and Antique Grey, to customize their pool table.

Players will enjoy responsive K66 rubber cushions, internal drop-in pockets, and a 1” 3-piece slate table that offers professional gameplay and surface tension adjustments.


Starting at $4,995 

5. American Heritage 8ft Da Vinci Billiard Table

Best Design Indoor Pool Table

American Heritage 8ft Da Vinci Billiard Table


8’ Pool Table: 99" L x 55" W x 32.5" H (Playing Surface 88" L x 44" W)/ 450 lbs.


  • Industrial styling meets rustic 
  • Reclaimed finish frame
  • Internal drop pockets
  • K66 rubber cushioning
  • Recessed black hex bolt rail sights 

The American Heritage Da Vinci offers an eclectic mix of industrial style legs that support a reclaimed, rustic-style wooden frame for a truly unique pool table. Like the Abbey, the Da Vinci also comes with all of the amenities you expect from a professional-style pool table: K66 rubber cushioning, internal drop pockets, and 1” 3-piece slate construction.

In addition, this table’s black hex bolt inlaid rail sights offer great styling as this pool table will be sure to spice up any game room.


Starting at $11,995 

6. Playcraft Colorado Slate Pool Table with Optional Dining Top

Best Old-Style Indoor Pool Table

Playcraft Colorado Slate Pool Table with Optional Dining Top


7’ Pool Table: 89” L x 51” W x 33” H (Playing Surface 39” x 78”)/  750 lbs

8’ Pool Table: 101” L x 57” W x 33” H (Playing Surface 44” x 88”)/  850 lbs


  • 1” backed 3-piece slate
  • Hand finished Douglas Fir and timber frame
  • Unique profiles
  • Inlaid sights
  • K55 rubber
  • 21oz wool blend
  • 25 felt color options
  • Optional Colorado dining top (8’ model only)
  • BCA compliant
  • 1-year warranty

The Colorado Billiards Table combines old-style craftsmanship with an all-weather finish to provide you with one of the sturdiest and most durable pool tables on the market. This pool table features a frame composed of Douglas Fir and timber, hand-finished for superior protection against the elements.

This table also features inlaid sights, a 21oz wool blend, a 1” backed 3-piece slate, and K55 gum rubber cushioning for top-notch gameplay and action. The Colorado is also fully BCA compliant and backed by a 1-year warranty for further proof of its quality.


"Table is a good, quality table. Took a full day to assemble thanks to the aid of online installer videos." - Richard M. Verified Buyer

Starting at $5,095 

Additional Pool Table FAQs

How to Clean Pool Table Felt

  1. Wipe off all chalk from the playing surface
  2. Brush the corners, and then the felt with an upholstery brush
  3. Vacuum up any remaining residue with a low suction brush attachment on a vacuum
  4. Pat or blot any stains or spills with a cloth dipped in cold water
  5. Use a special upholstery spray or cleaner for tough stains and messes

How Do I Preserve a Pool Table?

  • Brush the surface of chalk after games
  • Cover the table when not used
  • Avoid putting drinks on your table
  • Store the table in a climate-controlled environment
  • Clean pool balls in a liquid solution

Pool tables make the perfect addition to any indoor game room.

Similarly, there are plenty of options for outdoor pool tables for your patio as well.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking for professional play, several options are available to help you find the best home pool table.

Browse through our selection of state-of-the-art pool tables, selecting from top brands, to find the best pool table that will fit your budget, interior design, and playing experience.


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