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5 Best Shuffleboard Tables to Buy in 2021

5 min read

With its dynamic design and family-friendly fun, you will never get bored of a shuffleboard table. With indoor and outdoor variants, styles in a variety of sizes, designs, and premium materials, there is shuffleboard for sale that will suit everyone.

This is why this year, of 2021, you should finally take the plunge and make that major Shuffleboard investment. With the stress and strain of this year, there’s never been a better time to treat yourself with an investment in the game you love, sure to bring you and the special people in your life some much-needed relaxation, enjoyment, and lighthearted fun.

But, how can you discover the best shuffleboard table for your needs? How can you sift through the diverse and daunting array of high-quality shuffleboard tables available to find your perfect match?

It’s simple- all you need to do is know your buying priorities. Simple, right? Well, it is simple if you already have a sense of what’s on the market. Especially if you have a sense of the best shuffleboards you can buy for your buck.

Someone should make a guide for that, huh? Oh, wait. We already did.

Sure, your best shuffleboard table may not be on this list- but we don’t doubt reading about the multifaceted technology, design, cost, and features of the best of the best won’t help you in your journey.

So, let’s get you on track to invest in that perfect table for 2021, with our list of the highest-rated shuffleboard tables out there.

Playcraft Brazos River Pro-Style Shuffleboard

One of our best-selling shuffleboard tables, this shuffleboard table for sale is a substantial one, built with extremely durable and high-quality materials to last any gaming enthusiast a long time.

This shuffleboard for sale will keep you, family and friends entertained week after week, and stand as a fixture of pride and joy within your home. Say goodbye to endless Netflix marathons, predictable movie nights, and stale old board games as you kick start a new era of fun, competitiveness, and group involvement in your living space.

With its professional polymer finish and construction from three distinct types of wood, this is an indoor shuffleboard table worthy of your space. Its whole design effortlessly pairs with any environment, exuding class and sophistication for the low cost of $4,275.00.

With a lifetime warranty and extremely high ratings, it’s no wonder this shuffleboard has been a consistent favorite among buyers for years- not just for 2021! The Brazos has truly stood the test of time, and we predict this will be the case from this brand for a long time coming.

Hudson Metro Shuffleboard

Boasting a modern, multifaceted look without sacrificing any of the quality and performance of a classic table, the Hudson metro is a more contemporary option for the shuffleboard enthusiast. If you are bored of the humdrum shuffleboard look and want something a bit more alternative and eclectic, then this perhaps is the option for you.

Built from powder-coated steel and hardwood, this shuffleboard is stylish, sturdy, and suitable for all the family, being engineered to withstand those unavoidable accidents and long-term wear and tear. Its padded vinyl-wrapped interior walls and top rail can be customized to be any color of your choice, from rich wine-toned hues to gorgeous bottle greens. Allowing you to truly put your unique spin on your state-of-the-art shuffleboard.

You even have the option to upgrade the carpet and playing surface of this model to be element and weather resistant, allowing you to embrace the great outdoors as you play. With its contemporary sharp lines and Bauhaus-inspired design, this is a model sure not to disappoint.

This is one of our most premium options, on the higher scale of our price range with more elite functionality and customization. To explore more of our premium options, we recommend you visit our premium shuffleboard tables sale. 

Hudson Cirrus Shuffleboard

Any shuffleboard player worth their salt knows that choosing the right indoor shuffleboard table can be a challenge. In the same way, choosing an outdoor shuffleboard table can be tricky. On the one hand, you need an indoor shuffleboard table with quality, durability, and longevity, that still blends in with the aesthetic and style of your living space. On the other, you need an outdoor shuffleboard table that boasts all of those benefits- but can endure whatever nature throws at it.

The question we want to ask is- why choose?

One shuffleboard table for sale that delivers on all these fronts is the Hudson Cirrus, constructed from premium solid hardwood. With its solid three-inch thick hard rock, kiln-dried maple fiberglass coated playfield, this table boasts elite construction and sophisticated air.

Its mahogany and maple hardwood cradle makes this an indoor shuffleboard table boasting immense elegance, making it an addition to your home that blends effortlessly into your space. It not just blends seamlessly, but also elevates your home, feeling more like a statement design piece than a piece of gaming technology wedged in the middle of your living room.

This shuffleboard is both artistic and high performing- what more could you ask for?

Its all-weather marine carpet lining and drainage holes make this an outdoor shuffleboard table for sale that can withstand any conditions, come rain or shine, and requires very little cleaning and upkeep. To explore more of our fantastic and high-quality outdoor options that get you playing with family and friends without missing out on that sweet summer weather, visit our outdoor shuffleboard tables collection.


So, that’s it! Our comprehensive list of what we feel are the most stylish, high-performing, and all-around impressive shuffleboard options for this year.

Naturally, we all have different financial, social, and material priorities that will impact what kind of shuffleboard is best for us individually- but there’s no doubt, on the whole, these options impress.

We hope going through these options has you one step closer to making that perfect purchase, as the right shuffleboard has the potential to spice up not just your summer- but every year onwards. In the bleaker seasons, like stormy autumn and chilly winter, it’s a way to get family and friends up and active without facing the miserable world outside.

In summer and spring, you can either stay out or get in the sun with shuffleboard, the ultimate social feature for any party, hangout, or barbeque. With that special shuffleboard that suits all of your unique needs and preferences, you can have all this, and the comfort and security of knowing you made one hell of a long-term investment.

If however after reading this you aren’t seeing what you’re looking for, or you want to explore more options for inspiration, we recommend you swing on by our complete collection of inexpensive and eclectic shuffleboard tables, brought together with an efficiency unmatched by anywhere else.