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5 Best Outdoor Pool Tables to Buy in 2022: Buyer’s Guide

5 Best Outdoor Pool Tables to Buy in 2023: Buyer’s Guide

Outdoor pool tables are a fantastic addition to any outdoor party. Find the perfect one for your home in this buyer’s guide.

5 Best Outdoor Pool Tables to Buy in 2022: Buyer’s Guide

Outdoor pool tables are the gold standard in patio games.

They’re the perfect addition to spice up any Memorial Day or 4th of July party and can serve as the centerpiece of any casual hangout. Pair it up with your favorite outdoor shuffleboard table or outdoor ping pong table for the best patio gaming collection imaginable.

As much as we love traditional summer sports like badminton, lawn darts, and cornhole, nothing quite compares to the excitement and competition of billiards.

Made with all weatherproof construction, outdoor pool tables offer the same function as indoor pool tables, with a little added protection and maintenance required.

Whether you’re looking for a high-end model to serve as the center of your patio or an affordable outdoor pool table for the family to enjoy, we got you covered.

We’ve compiled a list of the five best outdoor pool tables for 2023 and some helpful information to help you figure out which outdoor pool table is best for you.


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5 Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Pool Table

5 Best Outdoor Pool Tables to Buy in 2022: Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for an outdoor pool table, consider the following to help you narrow down your options:

  • Budget

The first place you’ll need to start is with a budget and determining what you can afford. Generally, outdoor pool tables can range from $2,000 for a low-end outdoor pool table to up to $10,000 for a highly durable and sophisticated outdoor pool table. Determine a price range and use that to compare it to what materials and features you’re looking for out of an outdoor pool table.

  • Location

Next, determine the location of your outdoor pool table. While most outdoor pool tables feature the same 8’ playing surface, some tables, like our Gameroom Concepts models, may have slightly longer tables. You’ll also need to account for the amount of space required to make player shots. Finally, you’ll need to account for weight and how feasible it will be to install or maintain a massive pool table.

  • Style

Think of color and construction when it comes to style. For example, lots of outdoor pool tables feature a standard metal frame with tubular legs, but if you’re looking for something more sophisticated, then you might shoot for a model with latticework legs and frame.

Secondly, color is a massive consideration. Many outdoor pool tables come with a single color palate, making customization and shopping very difficult. While we love the standard electric blue and forest greens, maybe you’re looking for a camel or teal felt? Be sure to consider this while shopping.

  • Environment

Perhaps, most importantly, weather resistance will be a factor. You’ll pay a steeper price for well-made materials that last longer. Compare material construction and weather protection with your budget to make the best choice.

  • Materials

Just as important as weather protection, you also need to look closely at the quality of your cloth, rubber, and railings to get the best experience out of your outdoor billiards table. For example, cheaper felts can actually make shots less precise and make gameplay less enjoyable. Additionally, if you were to upgrade to an outdoor fusion pool table, you would need to consider what type of materials and construction your rails and pool table are made of before making the switch.

Most Popular Outdoor Pool Tables

1. Gameroom Concepts Tuscany 8ft Outdoor Pool Table

Best Overall Outdoor Pool Table

Gameroom Concepts Tuscany 8ft Outdoor Pool Table

Product Specs: 55” x 100”/ 895 lbs.

Best Features

  • Slate one-piece construction
  • Powder-coated 6” aluminum upper body
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Sunbrella fabric
  • Latticework leg
  • 5-Year warranty

Gameroom Concepts Tuscany 8ft Outdoor Pool Table is our pick for the best outdoor pool table of 2023 and happens to be the most expensive on this list.

Its single-piece slate body comes supported by latticework legs to give this outdoor pool table superior strength and durability that will last for years. In addition, its unibody design prevents wobbling, which results in pool balls getting sucked into corner pockets like a blackhole.

Each rail incorporates polyvinyl lining secured by ‘T’ stainless steel nuts that secure the felt in place. Did we forget to mention that every bit of hardware in this pool table is stainless steel? In addition, the corner pockets utilize a tournament-grade rubber guaranteed to resist all weather conditions for years to come.

Speaking of weatherproofing, this outdoor billiards table's entire aluminum frame upper body comes specially treated with a corrosion-resistant powder coating.

In terms of playability, this pool table features a weatherproof Sunbrella hybrid cloth available in multiple designer color patterns, including Burgundy, Forest Green, Teal, and so much more. Its modern design and customizable cloth are the perfect addition to any patio and provide an elegant and timeless look.

Rest assured, as this pool table promises years of service without worry of replacement and arrives backed by a 5-year warranty. While this outdoor pool table may be our most expensive, it’s also the most well-constructed on the market.

"I bought the Tuscany pool table for my husband as a surprise gift. He really loved it! His expression when he saw the table was so priceless. So I'm really happy with the pool table and customer service." - Gail Lowe Verified Buyer

Starting at $8,095

2. Imperial 8ft Outdoor Pool Table All Weather with Accessories

Best Features Outdoor Pool Table

Imperial 8ft Outdoor Pool Table All Weather with Accessories

Product Dimensions: 98.25"L x 54.25"W x 31.5"H/ 370 lbs.

Best Features

  • 18mm waterproof Pearl board
  • Camel color Taclon cloth
  • 140-layered Formica sheets and polyester resin
  • K66 Rubber Cushioning
  • All accessories included
  • Anodized Aluminum Rails and Frame

Imperial outdoor pool tables are one of the most popular brands of outdoor tables and offer a great middle-ground between our first two models.

The Imperial 8ft Outdoor Pool Table All Weather with Accessories features a 188mm waterproof pearl board stuffed with over 140 Formica sheets and a polyester resin that’s pressure-formed to achieve unparalleled waterproof and fire retardant protection.

On top of this waterproof pearl board lies a waterproof Taclon cloth in a stylish camel brown color to match any patio style. In addition, each corner comes secured with a weather-resistant k66 rubber for year-round weather protection.

As if that’s not enough, the entire aluminum frame and rails are anodized to resist corrosion and rust.

Now down to gameplay. The Imperial outdoor pool table features a tournament standard 8-foot playing surface with all pool table accessories included. That’s a value most other outdoor pool tables can’t touch.

Assembly is easy and features bolt-in rails with handy levelers to prevent wobble or tilting.

Imperial has made a name for itself by producing high-quality pool tables, and this pool table exemplifies all of these values.

"Beautiful table, The color leans more to a rose but other than that it’s a beautiful perfect table for the outdoors" - Isabel C. Verified Buyer

Starting at $4,859

3. Gameroom Concepts 3000 Series 8ft Outdoor Pool Table

Best Selling Outdoor Pool Table

Gameroom Concepts 3000 Series 8ft Outdoor Pool Table

Product Dimensions: 55” x 100”/ 800 lbs

Best Features

  • Two sophisticated half-moon pedestal legs
  • 9” unibody aluminum frame and rails
  • Slate construction
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Designer colors
  • 5-year warranty

Gameroom Concepts makes a second entry on this list with Gameroom Concepts 3000 Series 8ft Outdoor Pool Table. We had to include this outdoor pool table on our list because, much like its companion pool table, it offers a level of sophistication and durability that can’t be matched.

This Gameroom Concepts outdoor pool table features two stylish half-moon legs that support a 9-inch aluminum unibody frame at a slightly lower cost.

Best of all, this pool table features a single-piece slate covered by a weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric and connected with tournament-grade rubber pockets.

Not only does this outdoor pool table speak to the strength of its design, but it can also be customized using our designer color palette to best suit your patio design. Choose between Burgundy, Teal, Cocoa, Camel, True Blue, Pacific Blue, and Forest Green.

Finally, this outdoor pool table is secured and assembled only using stainless steel hardware, including stainless steel ‘T’ nuts that connect the fabric to the pockets and slate.

As a bonus, Gameroom Concepts includes a 5-year replacement warranty.

For those looking for the perfect blend of strength and style, choose any of Gameroom Concepts’ outdoor pool tables.

Starting at $7,795

4. Playcraft Extera 8' Outdoor Pool Table with Accessories

Best Budget Outdoor Pool Table

Playcraft Extera 8' Outdoor Pool Table with Accessories

Product Dimensions: 99"L x 55"W x 31.5"H/ 326 lbs.

Best Features

  • K66 rubber profile cushions
  • Electric-blue, waterproof polytech cloth
  • Single-piece extruded aluminum top cap and rails
  • Anti-rust frame and top rails
  • All accessories included
  • 1-year warranty

The Playcraft Extera 8ft Outdoor Pool Table with Accessories lies a step up from the Hathaway Alpine and is comparable to the Imperial 8ft Outdoor Pool Table on this list.

Similar to the Imperial outdoor pool table, the Extera features all-weatherproof construction starting at the top with an electric-blue polytech cloth. Not only does this cloth provide a bold and fun tone for your patio, but it’s weather-resistant to offer years of service.

Beneath that cloth lies a 1” weatherproof composite board surrounded by a one-piece extruded aluminum frame with 5-7/8" top rails and 5-1/2"aprons. Beneath that is a square tubular subframe supported by extruded aluminum legs, all anodized with anti-rust treatment for years of service and protection.

Similar to the Imperial, the Extera takes weatherproofing and durability very seriously. Also similarly, this outdoor pool table includes all the accessories you need for a fantastic value.

"was in great condition and easy to assemble for 2 people. Was done in 30 minutes! The delivery folks put it exactly where I wanted and showed up on time. Great Transaction, highly recommend the product" - Gary Verified Buyer

Starting at $3,995

5. Hathaway Alpine Waterproof 8ft Outdoor Pool Table

Best Outdoor Pool Table for Beginners

Hathaway Alpine Waterproof 8ft Outdoor Pool Table

Best Budget

Product Dimensions: 99”L x 55”W x 31”H

Best Features

  • UV-resistant and waterproof felt
  • K55 gum rubber cushioned pockets
  • White powder-coated aluminum frame 
  • Easy assembly using bolt-in legs and levelers
  • All accessories included
  • 1-Year warranty

The Hathaway Alpine Waterproof 8ft Outdoor Pool Table is a favorite among our customers and offers everything you need for an awesome outdoor pool table experience without breaking the bank.

Complete with all of the accessories required to play, this pool table features easy assembly, with bolt-on legs attached to the aluminum frame. Use the levelers provided with your assembly to ensure that your table isn’t tilted.

The Hathway Alpine comprises a weather-resistant electric blue felt on top of a high-strength, High-Density Fiberboard. Most importantly, this weather-resistant felt resists fading and cracking from sunlight and rotting from water damage to provide years of service. Each pocket is also made up of tournament-grade and weather-resistant K55 gum rubber that can survive in the outdoors for years to come.

In addition, the aluminum frame is treated with a special white power coating that helps prevent rusting of the metal components.

This game table matches tournament specifications, with an 8-foot length for an authentic game experience.

Enjoy years of gameplay with the Hathaway Alpine Waterproof table, and rest assured with the protection of a 1-year warranty at your side.

"I miss the felt, but realize that the material used is necessary because it's outdoors. So I'll adjust to the fast table. Otherwise, it's my new favorite toy." - Azrchr Verified Buyer

Starting at $2,439

Outdoor Pool Table FAQs

Can a pool table be kept outside?

No, you cannot keep a traditional pool table outside unless it is an outdoor pool table. Unlike indoor pool tables that consist of wood and untreated metal, outdoor pool tables take extra consideration. Usually, they include weather-treated fabric, anodized aluminum frames, and weather-resistant slate or fiberboard for maximum climate protection.

Does an outdoor pool table use slate?

Yes, many outdoor billiard tables use slate because it’s fire and moisture-resistant. However, not all outdoor pool tables use slate, and you will have to pay a little extra for a slate pool table.

What are outdoor pool tables made of?

Outdoor pool tables typically are made of an anti-rust treated aluminum frame and legs, and a weather-resistant cloth. In addition, lots of outdoor pool tables come with either a high-density fiberboard, pearl board, or slate underneath the cloth to resist moisture buildup.

Are outdoor pool tables any good?

Yes, outdoor pool tables are just as good as indoor pool tables and are more meticulously constructed to account for the weather and the elements. All things being equal, an outdoor pool table could last longer than an indoor pool table if properly maintained.

How do you protect a pool table outside?

You can protect an outdoor pool table by covering it up with a waterproof cover, such as a tarp, when not in use. Additionally, you could position the pool table to stay out of direct sunlight or rainfall if that’s an option.

We recommend not leaning on the outdoor pool table and keeping food and drinks away that could stain your felt or rot the board underneath. Ultimately, by cleaning and covering your outdoor pool table you can ensure that it will last a long-time.

How do you clean an outdoor pool table?

You can clean an outdoor pool table using a dry scrub brush. Most outdoor pool tables will come with their own scrub brush, but you could purchase one online for very cheap. Such a simple purchase could save you tons of money in the long-run.

Additionally, you should rinse the frame every week to prevent any dust or chalk buildup. Just be sure to dry it immediately to help prevent rust.

How long do outdoor pool tables last?

Outdoor pool tables last anywhere from 5 to 25 years, depending on your climate, usage, and maintenance. Considering that most indoor pool tables are rated to last from 20 to 25 years, an outdoor pool table in a climate-controlled environment and fully maintained could last a lifetime. However, this answer depends on your model, as a slate pool table will probably last longer than fiberboard, and certain metals are bound to rust faster than others.

How much does an outdoor pool table cost?

Outdoor pool tables cost between $2,000 to $10,000, depending on the model and materials used. Our cheapest outdoor pool table was around $2,400 on this list, while our most expensive was about $9,000. When deciding between a pool table, just remember that a more expensive slate pool table will last longer than a cheaper model and potentially save you money in the long run.

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