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7 Best Foosball Tables to Buy in 2021

7 min read

Feel like you’re on the ball for 2021?

You’ve reached your resolutions. Scored all your ‘goals’. Sorted out your life?

Me neither.

But, there is one thing you can do that without a doubt will take your success score to 1-0. Which will bring exciting new levels of fun for your friends and family to your home. Which stops your love of football from starting and stopping at the pitch.

That’s right. It’s time to buy a football table game.

Foosball is an extremely fast-paced, exciting game that anyone can master with the right guidance. With the lockdowns of 2020 and this subsequent year due to the pandemic, home tabletop gaming has drastically risen in popularity, an incredible way to ensure that when you find yourself shut inside with family and friends, you have something special and accessible to do. With the longevity, ingenuity, and style of so many foosball tables out there, it’s an investment that will always impress, uniting family and friends around the same level playing field.

With that said, there’s no time to wait. It’s time to secure your real ‘keeper’ of one of the best table football options for 2021 with this exclusive list. 

Garlando G-500 Evolution Foosball Table

One of our best-selling choices, this foosball table for sale with its streamlined black and silver ITSF look is the perfect option for big tight-knit groups of family or friends.

Consisting of a sturdy one-inch cabinet featuring a medium density fiberboard with melamine coating, this soccer table features slanted legs that create incredible stability across the entire product. With its nylon ball bears and telescopic safety bars, this model epitomizes the extremely high quality and efficiency evident across our range of foosball tables.

The players of this best foosball table are created from sturdy moplen, and the playfield is crafted with high-quality green plastic laminate with silk-screened white lines which effortlessly mimic a soccer pitch. This all allows for rapid, efficient, and smooth gameplay, resulting in intensive showdowns and matches without any interruption or slowing down of the pace.

With its easy-to-reach ball recovery slot, this football table game is a decorative dream, with a G-500 elegant shape, standing out with the stunning and bold contrast of red and blue with silver and black. This is one of the more compact options on our list, but if your searching for something similar that boasts a bigger size, you're sure to find plenty of options in our extra-long foosball table sale.

Shelti Pro Foos III Cherry 55" Foosball Table

Bold and beautiful in a cheerful cherry sovereign laminate wood, this arcade-style table is an at-home equivalent to those installed in bars, arcades, competition halls, and a variety of other commercial establishments.

Made from one-inch and half-thick MDF grade fiberboard built for strength and heftiness, maintaining this sophisticated table is simple and easy with its split cabinet feature allows easy access to primary components of the table and its ball return chute.

All this durable design extends to the table’s interior, made from an automotive grade ABS material meticulously created to prevent breaks and cracks. With its ergonomic hardwood octagonal handles and elevated playfield walls which reduce fly balls, prepare for intensive and interrupted gameplay on this innovative table.

Intense gameplay is contained with elevated playfield walls to prevent any fly balls. Comfortable maneuvering is supported by ergonomic hardwood octagonal handles that are easy to grip and easy to shoot with. With a free additional pin punch, rod support block, super lube rod oil, and five balls, reach your goal of becoming the best foosball player imaginable with this best foosball table. 

Warrior Table Soccer Professional Foosball Table 56"

Designed by Warrior Table soccer president and thirty-year Foosball veteran Brendan Flaherty, this warrior table stands a ‘fighting’ chance of being rated the top table of this year.

An extremely durable, high-caliber table with premium quality materials and enhanced levels of ball control, prepare for an advanced gaming experience with the Warrior 56.  A highly affordable option with built-in safety mechanisms, the Warrior Table is perfect for youth programs, college game rooms, and general use by kids and teens.

On top of this, the Warrior table comes with a complimentary maintenance kit, containing two foosballs, silicone lubricant, a pin punch, and replacement men for the table, making this a truly comprehensive purchase.

Playcraft Wolf Creek 56" Foosball Table

A vintage-inspired model, with its heavy-duty cabinet design and ornate look, this table is both beautiful and made to bear all wear and tear. With its black and white players coated in counterbalanced ABS plastic and textured urethane foosballs, every intimate detail of this table has been designed with your gaming experience in mind.

With its stylish cabinet walls that stun in a beautiful weathered gray PC laminate, this table has been designed both for maximum comfort and gameplay. It boasts ball serve openings and retrieval on both ends of the table, making playing as efficient and easy as possible.

The rods of this soccer table have been constructed from robust, high resistance steel and its playfield features an attractive weathered gray PVC laminate tempered for the safety and security of anyone who plays.

Another classic bestselling option, Playcraft remains renowned for the premium quality of all of their foosball tables. You can explore more of their, and other brand’s premium table football options in our exclusive premium foosball table sale. 

Hathaway Montecito 55" Foosball Table

Undeniably the most cultured and elegant option on this list, this Hathaway Montecito 55’ Foosball table features solid birch construction, beautifully sculpted pedestals, and stainless steel accents which render the table both a piece of interior decor and tabletop gaming technology.

This soccer game table is constructed from a thick MDF cabinet with melamine coating, possessing a sophisticated driftwood finish alongside chrome-plated stainless steel rods. This not only gives this foosball table for sale an extremely distinct and special look but also makes it highly resistant to wear and tear.

The professional octagon wooden easy-grip handles of this football table game have been designed to provide the absolute best in terms of grip, making this an option that will provide phenomenal fast-paced gameplay.

A foosball table price can be quite high, so the fact this special model is only $917.61 is truly impressive. Cool, out-there, and extremely affordable, this table feels and looks as if it was specifically customized for your home. On that note, we have plenty of customizable tables you can explore in our complete custom foosball table sale. 

Playcraft Extera Outdoor Foosball Table

One of our table football options specifically designed for outdoor use, this Playcraft Extera table football game system is the ultimate option for poolside fun.

Engineered using weatherproof composites with a durable exterior finish, that renders the table both waterproof and UV protected, this best foosball table can endure any weather conditions. With the ability to simply and quickly attach the legs and play, this foosball table game is extremely versatile and stylish, sure to allow you and your family or friends to make some sensational memories.

Constructed by renowned American manufacturer Playcraft, this table foosball model even comes with a gift of a cover and playing accessories valued at $300! This, combined with the sheer quality and impressive versatility of this model makes its foosball table price- only a mere $1,195.00- extremely tempting.

This is why if you have read this and have had the realization- this is the table for me- you better make sure you act fast. You can find this table and more options like it in our outdoor foosball table collection. 

Hathaway Highlander Waterproof 55" Outdoor Foosball Table

Featuring dual ball returns, heavy gauge rods, and Hathaway’s ergonomic handles, this outdoor foosball table delivers on all the major foosball fronts.

100% waterproof, this table features rust-proof aluminum rods, protective laminate, and a nylon cover suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. Enjoy high octane foosball out in the sun, and then don’t fret when it starts to rain.

With its break-resistant players and stunning design, featuring a  glossy white cabinet and a beautiful blue design, this table is a perfect addition to your yard, patio, or pool. 


So, there we have it!

A stylish and sophisticated array of the best foosball gaming options for 2021.

We hope you’ve found something in this list that suits your unique gaming needs, and fires up your passion for foosball like nothing else. With summer fun and free time on the horizon, there is no better time than 2021 to make that special foosball purchase, and anyway in which we can help is like music to our ears.  If after reading this you haven’t seen the specific table of your dreams, don’t worry. We have plenty of alternative options, from compact tables to XXL tables, indoor to outdoor tables all the way to metal to wooden tables available. You can find all these and more in our complete Foosball tables collection.

Because finding the best should never be a test, especially when buying a gaming table can significantly elevate the fun and enjoyment your family and friends get to share. It’s both an exceptional centerpiece that elevates any room and a major form of entertainment that is accessible to almost everyone. An investment in foosball is an investment in brand new memories, something to do on a rainy day, or a way to relax by the pool in the sunshine. It’s a piece of gaming technology you will love and treasure that will remain reliable, stylish, and unique no matter how many times you play.

This is why it’s time to make 2021- full of all of the phenomenal table options above- the year to buy the foosball option for you.