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Pool & Billiards Tables

Browse our range of beautiful billiards and pool tables for sale, all from the most internationally renowned game table brands on the market.

From Playcraft To Imperial, ensure this summer you're playing on a table worth your time and investment, with one of these state-of-the-art pool tables for sale. With a 1 year warranty for many options, with select options, you have the choice to choose between a stunning array of 25 complementary colors for your playing surface, all 100% free. From bottle green to royal purple, it’s no wonder so many of the impressive options on this list are renowned best sellers.

To filter specifically for our options which are best sellers, we redirect you to our guide with the best pool tables, for all those models renowned for their five-star ratings and rave reviews. Everyone from amateur pool lovers to experienced professionals waiting on their next championship will find something to suit them in this collection, with ranges from more inexpensive options which require less space and upkeep to premium options which offer the best quality and performance available anywhere.

Getting a high-quality and robust billiard table will significantly elevate your social life, making it an essential addition to any stylish game room, prized living room, or outdoor space. Our pool tables for sale come in an impressive diversity of styles and designs, from tables boasting a retro, vintage style to a billiard table that would suit an interior of modern Scandinavian design.

Speaking of interiors, this collection offers both indoor and outdoor pool table options, including the choice of a slate pool table. All designed from premium, sustainably sourced materials including rustic stained oak, majestic styles of mahogany, and modern and sophisticated metals. One of our most prized materials is our slate pool table options, which look especially eye-catching and unique in a sea of classically designed tables. To filter specifically for this billiard table option, we recommend you explore our slate pool table collection.

Our indoor pool tables will blend effortlessly into your home, existing as a stunning central social and aesthetic feature without interfering with your interior design or need for space. We offer billiards tables in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of which have been specifically proofed and designed to be as robust and long-lasting as possible, impervious to forms of wear and tear.

Our outdoor pool table options have been designed to be highly weather-resistant, meaning you can rely on them to boast impressively high performance come rain or shine. Feel free to fully enjoy fun in the sun with your friends and family as you lounge on the patio, swim in the pool, and then most importantly- play some games of light pool. Specifically engineered for longevity and durability, an outdoor pool table will not disappoint, maintaining its quality and stunning look for years to come.

Billiards is not only a fun and exciting game perfect for leisure time but has also been scientifically proven to have significant neurological benefits. Billiards cultivates superior focus, critical thinking skills, and intrinsic knowledge of strategy, as you strive to stay one step ahead of your opponent. With a pool table, you’re investing not only in fun and enjoyment but also in yourself, as you build up your brain and allow yourself to relieve stress and relax.

A particularly fantastic and compelling addition to your billiards table may just be a dining top, which is typically constructed from premium mahogany or oak matching the rest of the unit. A pool dining table allows users to easily convert their gaming space into a dining table. Transitioning from drinks or food with family and friends to exciting game time is a breeze, with this highly efficient and versatile feature. A pool dining table is an extremely multifaceted purchase for those with an active social life and big families, that will get plenty of daily use.  To pick your pool dining table from our eclectic and stylish range, visit our pool dining table sale.

In addition to all this, all aspects of our billiards tables from their inlaid sights to their gum rubber cushions meet BCA standards, meaning they provide a quality and authenticity pool enthusiasts know they can trust. From a diverse range of high-quality, internationally renowned brands which have made their mark on the gaming table community, there’s no superior place to find the perfect pool table for you. With great deals on price and shipping, boost your gaming experience in confidence and style with one of these unique and premium tables.

Pool & Billiards Tables FAQs

On average, a new billiards table for in-home use made of wood will cost between $700-$1500.

More expensive options, like a slate pool table, will cost between $1800-$3000.

It’s difficult to say what the ‘best’ home Billards table is, as this is an extremely subjective judgment.

What is best for you will depend on a variety of factors. But the best tables for home use generally are more compact, designed for durability, and resistant to wear and tear, a common risk with friends and family using it.

However, you truly discern the best billiards tables which fit your budget, space, and gaming needs. To discover your priorities and needs in terms of these factors we recommend browsing through the options available in this collection to help narrow down your choices.

It’s very easy and simple to clean your pool table.

Firstly, remove the Surface Chalk. The first thing you'll want to do is remove any chalk from the surface.

Then, brush the table down. After this once any pesky crumbs or bits of fluff are gone, wipe it down. Wipe the pool table with a lightly damp cloth, using cold water only, afterward dry with a clean, dry cloth.

The question of what length pool table you should get depends entirely on the amount of space you have.

7-foot tables are the most popular in local bars, and we recommend you go for them if you lack the space for a larger table, for example, if you are storing your table in a compact living room, game room, or outdoor space.

If you have more space, an 8-foot table may be right for you, giving you more capacity for mid-range shots. If you play professionally, for example in amateur tournaments and leagues, you might want to consider sticking with a regulation 8ft pool table.

You can find one here directly in this collection.

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