Pool Table Room Size Requirements

There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a game of pool with friends.  Why not play longer by having a game room at home? Before you buy a pool table, one of the most important things to consider is the size of your pool table room.  It should be big enough for players to move around. 

Here is a quick guide.

1. Length of the Cue Stick

If players are using the standard 58” cue stick, experts recommend that a minimum room space of 16 feet by 13 feet should be adequate. 

2. Size of the Pool Table

If you have ample space for a pool room, refer to the chart below for the ideal room size based on the cue stick and the size of the best pool tables.  

3. Movements of the Pool Players

For players to give their best to the game, they will need sufficient space to move around.  Otherwise, players will be forced to move their pool cue at an upward angle. The wall will be preventing them from taking direct shots.

Moreover, when players play too close to the wall, accidents can happen. When they pull their cue stick back quickly, they can damage the drywall or break things from the shelf. Decorations beautify a pool room.  However, aesthetics should not get in the way of a good game.

One more thing - when the walls are too close, amateur players can cause burn marks on the table’s felt.  Even with the best pool tables, the tendency is for players to hold their cues in an upward angle. The end of the cue stick will ram into the felt, causing marks or even ripping holes.

4. Spectators

If you are planning to invite spectators to the game, the room should be large enough to accommodate tables and chairs.  There should also be enough space for them to move around. If you are entertaining, there should also be a serving area.

Consider the above tips if you have enough space at home.  However, if there are still tight spots in your pool room, use shorter cue sticks.  Those with sizes ranging from 48 inches to 52 inches is an alternative when there is still a lack of room. 

Once your poker room is ready, start shopping around for the best pool tables for sale.

When you buy a pool table with dining top, have it delivered to your home.  Be ready with supplies to take it apart.  A blanket will come in handy to protect your hands from scratches. Protect your pool table from sunlight.  Get a humidifier to prevent moisture from seeping in. Protect the pool table with cover while in storage. Now, start enjoying the game!