What Makes a Great Outdoor Pool Table

There are various things to consider before you purchase an outdoor pool table, but the one thing that should be on top of your list is the table itself. Ensuring that the materials used to construct your pool table are of top-quality guarantees that you would be getting the best out of your investment. Knowing your options and their specifications would help you make the best decision. So, what makes a great outdoor pool table?

Slate or Wood Bed Table

Deemed an essential element of a pool table, the bed is the playing surface hidden underneath the felt. Much of the discussion should revolve around this element since it directly affects the way the balls roll and stay true to the desired direction. 

Probably the most popular type of bed table, wood bed pool table is made out a specific type of hardboard constructed using wood fibers, which is relatively cheaper compared to slate. It is also lighter, making it easier to transport, dismantle, and assemble. However, because it’s made out of wood, this kind of table bed is much more prone to warping and damages.

Slate bed tables, meanwhile, are made of various minerals including slate rocks, quartz, mica, and clay. It is heavier and more expensive compared to wooden tables. However, its worth comes to play in terms of durability. Slate pool tables aren’t affected by weather, temperature, or changes in humidity, making it a more appealing option if you’re placing it outdoors

Felt or Cloth Materials

The cloth material used on top of your bed table is also crucial since it affects the gameplay per se. an outdoor billiard table must be more robust compared to those used indoors since outdoor pool tables are subject to severe stress brought by the changing weather, sun, dust, among others. Felt varies in color and materials, but the best ones to use outdoors are:

  • Sunbrella cloth
  • Taclon
  • Polytech

These cloths are professionally engineered to stand harsh weather changes and are water and UV resistant.

Frame, Bumpers and Leg Materials

Most pool tables – both indoor and outdoor – use treated aluminum or stainless steel that are rust-resistant and can stand severe conditions. What works for indoor tables should do the same for outdoor ones. Meanwhile, you have to cover standard bumpers with a weatherproof cloth to extend their lifespan if you want to extend their lifespan.

All indoor and outdoor pool table purchase comes with standard but essential accessories like two cue sticks, one set of balls, chalk and a triangle rack for you to enjoy.