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Top 7 Game Room Ideas for Small Rooms

Top 7 Game Room Ideas for Small Rooms

No dream home is complete without a dream game room or man cave. And you don’t need a big room or full-sized game table to create a game room; you just need a little creativity.

Whether you have an extra bedroom, dining room, basement, or even a living room, creating a fun game room with very little space is easy. From small game tables like Foosball to space-saving furniture like an armless computer chair, there are lots of easy ways to save space and create a small game room.

That’s why we’ve prepared this brief list of seven small game room ideas to help you transform any unutilized space in your home into a fun and cozy game room.

How big does a game room have to be?

A game room can be as big or little as you want. Generally, a 12’x12’ room should be suitable for most game room setups, especially if you’re using a small game table like Foosball or Air Hockey.

Additionally, a small game room of this size provides more than enough room for entertainment systems, video games, and comfortable furniture, such as a small couch or chairs.

On the other hand, if you want to fit a larger game table like a pool table, you will most likely need a 16’x13’ foot room at the minimum.

However, since most average American bedrooms are between 200 to 244 sq. ft., you will probably need to get creative to create a small game room setup.

Thankfully, there are several easy ways to create a small game room in any part of your home.

7 Ideas to Create a Small Game Room

1. Use Multi-Game Tables

While most of us dream of that awe-inspiring game room with a bar, pool table, projector screen, and table tennis board, this setup is not always practical or possible for most families. However, you can greatly save space by condensing multiple game tables into one setup.

Multi-game tables offer the perfect way to play multiple games on one table, with standard 7’ tables offer everything from ping pong, billiards, air hockey, and dining on the same table.

In addition, this Playcraft Danbury 14 in 1 Multi-Game Table offers users the ability to play 14 different games, including basketball arcade, foosball, table tennis, etc. The best part is that this table is only 56’ long, capable of fitting in the tiniest rooms.

A versatile multi-game table is a perfect way to condense a large, full-scale game room into a small setup.

2. Find Versatile Furniture

Speaking of versatility, there are several options to save room in any game room with an adaptable furniture set. For example, billiard wall racks, media cabinets, or game tables that double as dining tables are great options to transform a spare room, dining room, or small room into a fully stocked game room.

In addition, hanging nails, dividers, or shelves for pool cues, DVDs, books, video games, and whatever else you stock in your game room are all great ideas to utilize unused space.

3. Slim Down Your Entertainment System

To create a fun and thrilling entertainment experience, consider investing in sleek and minimalist electronics that free up space. For example, sound bars or bookshelf speakers are a great way to create an immersive experience without taking up too much space with large speakers.

In addition, mounting flatscreens to wall studs, placing all valuables in a media cabinet, and eliminating or hiding cords, where possible, are great ways to save space and improve the appearance of your game room.

4. Consider Small Game Room Tables

Thankfully, if you’re working with a small game room, several small game room tables are perfect for your home. For example, professional Foosball tables are only 56’ long and can fit in any room.

Further, dart boards, ping pong, and small poker tables offer small designs that extend no further than 5-6’ on average. Since these tables don’t require extra room for long pool cues and other accessories, they will fit comfortably even in a 200 sq. ft. room.

5. Create the Illusion of Space

So you created the ultimate small game room, but you’re afraid that it looks a little too small. Part of the experience of creating the perfect small game room is to make it feel cozy.

One way to accomplish this task is to create the illusion of space. For example, lights offer easy and cheap ways to make rooms look bigger than they are. Inserting lights in recesses, such as LEDs and color-changing lights, add atmospheric depth to any room and give them the appearance of added space.

In addition, tall lamps with small shades, bright overhead lights, pointing lights upward, and inserting lights behind posters, shelves, and artwork can all make a room appear bigger and brighter.

Further, properly spacing furniture to allow people to move freely or splitting that couch into chairs can help add literal space to your room.

6. Convert a Basement Into a Game Room

While these last two tips may not help you work in a small room, they are essential considerations nonetheless. One of the best ways to create a game room in your home is to finish a basement or an attic with carpeting, wallpaper, and proper ventilation to host people over.

Most basements and attics offer tons of unutilized space that can be even large enough to fit a pool table, a sectional, and a projector, you name it.

7. Consider an Outdoor Game Space

Finally, if you simply don't have the indoor space for a game room, have you ever considered an outdoor one? There are dozens of outdoor patio and game area ideas that are simple and affordable to build.

Whether you have a deck or a paved patio, you could create an amazing outdoor game space with an awning, chairs, and an outdoor game table.

For example, several outdoor tables, such as foosball, ping pong, shuffleboard, and pool tables, are built for all-weather protection. In addition, an outdoor pool table looks great by the pool and is just another amazing component you can advertise at BBQs and summer get-togethers.


Just because you have a small house doesn't mean you still can’t create the ultimate game room. With these tips and the perfect small game table, you can transform any space in or outside your home into your dream entertainment space.

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