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Top 7 Billiard Games to Play on a Standard Pool Table (Part 7)

Welcome back to our list of top 7 billiard games to play on your gaming table. If you missed our posts on the first six top pool games, feel free to check out our gaming table blog archive. Moving on to number 7, this game is another twist on an American favorite. 

  1. Bowlliards

With enough time and effort, you can come up with any adaption of a classic game.  I am still waiting for someone to think up a pool version of checkers.  For now, let’s discuss how to play this variation of 10-pin bowling.

Scored like traditional bowling, the game is broken into frames.  Each player plays ten frames.  You break with 10 balls.  You shoot until you miss twice.  If you score all 10 balls without missing or scratching it is a strike.  If you miss once, it is a spare.  If you miss twice your score is one point for each sunk ball. Top score wins.

This wraps up our list of top billiard games you have probably never played. We hope you enjoy trying these out and have some fun on your home pool table.

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