Top 7 Billiard Games to Play on a Standard Pool Table (Part 6)

Top 7 Billiard Games to Play on a Standard Pool Table (Part 6)

Welcome back to our list of top 7 billiard games to play on your gaming table. If you missed our posts on the first five top pool games, feel free to check out our gaming table blog archive. Moving on to number 6, you can play this game just like 9-ball or with a twist 

  1. 15-ball pool game

As we mentioned, 15-ball can be played just like the classic 9-ball.  You sink the balls in order until you get to the fifteen ball.  Whoever shoots the 15 ball legally, by calling their shot and not scratching wins.

Another way to play this pool game is by points using the classic American rotation format.  You must still hit the lowest ball on the table first, but balls 1-10 are worth one point, and balls 11-15 are worth 2 points.  All shots must be called.  You can decide before you play how many points until the game ends.

Whether you are playing baseball billiards on your home pool table or out at a bar on a standard pool table, this game is perfect if you have some time to kill.

If you don’t happen to have a pool table at home or looking to buy a pool table or even an outdoor pool table, we might have the perfect gaming table for you at a great price.

Stay tuned next post for the last pool table game from our list of top billiard games.