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Top 7 Billiard Games to Play on a Standard Pool Table (Part 5)

Welcome back to our list of top 7 billiard games to play on your gaming table. If you missed our posts on the first four top pool games, feel free to check out our gaming table blog archive. Moving on to number 5, lets borrow a game inspired by another American pastime

  1. Baseball Billiards

Baseball Billiards is steeped in a rich, long history of American sport influence.  It actually uses 21 balls and you compete through 9 innings just like in baseball. 

Obviously most home pool tables or even bar locations do not have 21 balls or the special rack needed, however you can still play with a standard pool ball set.  Here’s how to play.

Each inning consists of making balls and calling your shots.  If you miss or scratch, it is the next persons turn.  Once you both have gone, that is an inning you play 9 of them, re-racking if needed.  You score, based on the number on the ball you shoot and sink.  The highest score at the end of 9 innings wins.

Whether you are playing baseball billiards on your home pool table or out at a bar on a standard pool table, this game is perfect if you have some time to kill.

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Stay tuned next post for another great new pool table game from our list of top billiard games.