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Top 7 Billiard Games to Play on a Standard Pool Table (Part 3)

Welcome back to our list of top 7 billiard games to play on your gaming table. If you missed our post on One Pocket or Cutthroat please feel free to check out our gaming table blog archive. Moving on to number 3, we have all heard of the classic billiard games, 8-ball and 9-ball.  How about 7-ball? 

  1. 7-ball Pool Game

7-ball can be played our your standard pool table, 3 in 1 pool table, or really anywhere that is setup for regular games.  Using a 9-ball rack (or a special hexagon 7-ball rack if you can find one), you arrange the balls with the seven in the middle in a hexagon pattern.  The 1 ball is placed at the top of the point.  This pool game is played just like 9-ball with a twist. Following the break, your opponent picks 3 pockets on one rail (i.e. left or right rail). You then proceed to hit the balls in order just like 9-ball, but you can only sink balls in your pocket.  If you scratch on the seven, you lose.

Whether you are playing 7-ball on your home pool table or out at a bar on a standard pool table, 7-ball is a fun twist on the classic 9-ball setup, while offering you a chance to increase your billiard game accuracy.

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Stay tuned next post for another great new pool table game from our list of top billiard games.