Top 5 Home Shuffleboard Table Games to get the party started! (Part 5)

Top 5 Home Shuffleboard Table Games to get the party started! (Part 5)

We are continuing our featured article on the top 5 table shuffleboard games. If you like targeting other players pucks and feel gratified knocking them off and disrupting the other team, then Target Shuffleboard might be the game for you.    

In target shuffleboard, you get to knock off other players pucks. Otherwise, it is played in the same way as a regular table shuffleboard game. Instead of foul lines on the shuffleboard, there is a target area for scoring. The target shuffleboard table game objective is to slide your 4 pucks against your opponent's and reach the highest scoring section without falling off the edge. Each player takes turn sliding. Only the winner scores.

Players stand at the same end of the table. They alternate turns shooting for the target area, trying to knock opponent’s pucks out of play. The player or team whose puck occupies the highest scoring position at the end of the round wins that round.

To score in Target Shuffleboard, you add the values of your pucks and the opponents pucks.  The difference is your score for the round. Some guidelines for scoring are:
  • 1 Point: Any puck that clears the foul line closest to the players but does not completely clear the outer target ring.
  • 2 Points: A puck that clears the outer target ring and lies within a larger ring zone or doesn't clear the line of the intermediate ring.
  • 3 Points: If the puck clears the intermediate ring line and lies in the zone between that and the inner black ring.
  • 4 Points: Pucks that touch the black inner ring of the target.
  • 5 points: Pucks must completely cover the black inner ring of the center target.

Stay tuned next post for our conclusion of our top 5 shuffleboard games.

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