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Top 5 Home Shuffleboard Table Games to get the party started! (Part 4)

1 min read

We are continuing our featured article on the top 5 table shuffleboard games being played across the United States right now.   If you have more time on your hands and are interested in playing a higher scoring table shuffleboard game, Horse Collar Shuffleboard might be right for you.  You typically play this game to 51 points, and there is a betting mechanic that can make a big shot worth 26 points: the true definition of it is anyone’s game.

The object like most shuffleboard games is to get the most points. Before a player can score, they need at least 1 puck in the 3-point section. Then, every puck that goes past the foul line is counted when scoring in Horse Collar.  Pucks that are beyond your opponent's farthest weight count towards your score. Any weight between the foul line and the 2-point line scores 1 point. A weight that is across the 2 or 3 line counts for the number of points designated. Weights must be completely over the line to count as the higher value. Weights that are hanging over the end of the board are called ‘hangers’ and worth 4 points. Pucks that are in the corners of the board are awarded 26 points.

Stay tuned next post as we continue our list of the top 5 shuffleboard games to play at home or your favorite entertainment space.