Top 5 Home Shuffleboard Table Games to get the party started! (Part 3)

Top 5 Home Shuffleboard Table Games to get the party started! (Part 3)

We are continuing our featured article on the top 5 table shuffleboard games being played across the world right now.   

Crazy Eights Shuffleboard is similar to other games in keeping score and throwing pucks. Scoring is what makes crazy eights unique and fun.

Played with 2 or more people at opposite sides of the table, each player or team uses all 8 red and blue pucks.  You play until you reach a pre-determined score and all players have finished the round.  The scoring conditions are a bit challenging:

  • Group 4 weights of the same color together and throw them with 1 hand. If all 4 do not pass the long foul line (at the far end of the board) and stay in play, no points are scored for that round.
  • If no points are scored, the player gets a "hickey" for the "hickey jar" (if the particular tournament has one). It is then the turn of the next player on the other end of the board.
  • If all 4 weights pass the foul line and remain on the board, the player shoots the 4 weights of the other color 1 at a time and tries to knock off the first 4 weights.
  • If all the weights of the first color are knocked off the board and there is at least 1 of the second color still on the board and beyond the long foul line, those weights are scored.
  • If none of the second group of weights remain on the board, there is no score and the player gets a hickey in the hickey jar. The next player on the opposite end of the board then shoots.

Beyond the above conditions, scoring is the same as Knock Off Shuffleboard. To score in crazy eights table shuffleboard, only the player or team whose puck is the closest to the end of the board scores in each round. Pucks that are beyond your opponent's farthest weight count towards your score. Any weight between the foul line and the 2-point line scores 1 point. A weight that is across the 2 or 3 line counts for the number of points designated. Weights must be completely over the line to count as the higher value. Weights that are hanging over the end of the board are called ‘hangers’ and worth 4 points.

Stay tuned next post as we continue our list of the top 5 shuffleboard games to play on your home shuffleboard table or your favorite entertainment space.

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