Top 5 Home Shuffleboard Table Games to get the party started! (Part 2)

Top 5 Home Shuffleboard Table Games to get the party started! (Part 2)

Welcome back!  We are talking about the exciting and action-packed shuffleboard table game. For those of you that don’t know, table shuffleboard is a captivating game table that combines skill, strategy and luck.  This post we are talking about the game: Knock Off Shuffleboard.

Knock Off Shuffleboard is by far the most popular pub game and used in most major tournaments.  The rules are the easiest to learn but can take a lifetime to master.  This makes it the perfect game for beginners and seasoned players.

This shuffleboard table game can be played with 2 players or 2 teams of 2 (4 players). The players or teams set up at opposite sides of the shuffleboard table. You can play to 15 or 21 points and decide which foul line you want to use, short (harder) or long (easier).  If your home shuffleboard table is 14 feet or shorter, it will most likely only have the short foul line.   All that means, is you have to pass the foul line for the puck to be in play.

Players pick which team goes first and what color pucks they want by coin toss. The winners of the toss can also pick the hammer instead of the color pucks, which is always used as the last shot.  This is considered an advantage in table shuffleboard, because you have the last shot to knock off the other teams pucks. Players take their shots and continue back and forth until all 4 weights have been thrown.  Whoever scores the most points, starts the next round.  If a team scores no points, they are then awarded the hammer for the next round.  You continue until you reach the score of 15 or 21.

To score in knock off table shuffleboard, only the player or team whose puck is the closest to the end of the board scores in each round. Pucks that are beyond your opponent's farthest weight count towards your score. Any weight between the foul line and the 2-point line scores 1 point. A weight that is across the 2 or 3 line counts for the number of points designated. Weights must be completely over the line to count as the higher value. Weights that are hanging over the end of the board are called ‘hangers’ and worth 4 points.

Stay tuned next post as we continue our list of the top 5 shuffleboard games to play on your home shuffleboard table or your favorite entertainment space.