Things to Consider When Buying a Home Poker Table

Do you love playing poker with friends? If you plan to host the best poker games at home, you’ll need to invest in a reliable poker table. But when shopping online, you’ll find a variety of choices available and selecting the best one is not an easy decision to make. Check out these essential factors to consider when choosing the best home poker table.


1. Room Size

One of the most crucial factors to consider is space availability. Ahead of buying a home poker table, have a rough estimate of the designated room where the table will be placed. This will help determine the exact size of the poker table you need to fit in the given area. It’s also recommended to allow surplus space for additional furniture and easy moving while playing. 


2. Frequency of Use

How often do you play poker in a week? For occasional game nights, the best option is a 2-in1 poker table which can be conveniently transformed to an instant poker lobby. When not in use, the card table can be used for dining with no hassle and no mess. For regular weekly games, you may opt to invest in a solid furniture-style as a more convenient alternative. 


3. Your Game Style

Before looking for card tables for sale online, think about the style of poker game you and your gang usually play. Remember, each type of table is made for a specific kind of poker. Some are specially created for a 7-Card Stud while other tables are mainly intended for Texas Holdem poker.

Moreover, consider the size of your poker gang. If you prefer to play with less than ten members, then one poker table would be enough. Otherwise, you may need to buy an extra table for a multi-table poker competition. 


4. Preferred Playing Surface

The main surface of the poker table has a variety of types and qualities. Experienced players highly recommend speed-felt material fabric. However, you may also choose wool or velveteen felt depending on your preference. Be sure to choose a poker table felt that is sturdy and hardwearing. 


5. Other Additional Features

It’s also crucial to consider the aesthetic appeal of your chosen poker table. Additional attributes like fashionable logos and graphics, table colors, and even matching chairs are considered extra treats. You would want to make sure that such additional features would accentuate your table and room. 

There’s a wide range of poker tables for sale in the market – folding, rollout, table topper, collapsible and permanent. Remember to choose an excellent quality table that would best satisfy your preferences. 

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