Equipment To Host An Outstanding Poker Home Game

Equipment To Host An Outstanding Poker Home Game

In order to host a poker home game, the basic equipment you are going to need is table, chairs, cards and chips. Chairs are usually something we all have around the house so you can use that, but you also have the option to purchase chairs for this specific reason and make sure it's comfortable enough for a long poker night.

Below we provided a few options to get the poker set up you need depends on your budget.

Basic Poker Set Up

Playing Cards

In case you are on a budget just go with simple plastic cards, it will do the job. There are many of them you can buy online or in store and it's usually last for 1 year if you use them often.

Price: $5-$10


There are chips in low price you can find. It's not the best choice and most of experienced players will notice that but again, if you are trying to save and can't wait to start playing than get them and maybe upgrade later on. If you are planing to host around 10 players, 500 chips will be enough. We recommend at least 30-40 chips for per player. And if you want to stay on the safe side than 50-100 is even better.

Price: $10-$20


In case you can't afford a poker table and you have a flat surface table at home than you can get a poker felt and cover your table with it. The felt prevent chips and cards from sliding. 

Price: $10-$15

Total basic set up cost:



Standard Poker Set Up


Lets raise the bar. Our recommendation is 100% PVC plastic cards and it will last longer up to 40 times than the basic cards. Shuffling and dealing will be much more smooth and comfortable. Those are usually the card professional players around the world are using.

Price: $10-$15


For this level go with a lightweight plastic poker set. They are all pretty much the same and come with an aluminum case as well as a dealer button, small and big blinds, dice and cut cards. Those chips are more proffesional and you can actually preform tricks with them. Some of those chips are made with a metal insert to add weight for a luxury feel.

Price: $20-$100


Your table is what going to make the real difference in hosting a poker home game. From the equipment you need it's the most expensive product but we say it's worth it. You can purchase a table with a capacity of 8-10 players. Most of the tables usually made with felt, cup holders and padded armrests. You also have the option to get a folding poker table that you can store when not in use.

Price: $350-$800

Total standard set up cost:



Pro Poker Set Up


The cards that known as the best playing cards are made with 100% Cellulose Acetate Plastic Playing Cards. Those cards are more durable and looks very professional. It can last for many years and you usually not going to need a new deck.

Price: $20-$30


The best chips you can find are clay poker chips. Most of the casinos use them. The added weight provide a luxury feel. Clay chips have the added bonus of wearing in nicely over the year making it easier to riffle. Those chips are expensive but you can also find clay chips in a cheaper price between $130-$450.

Price: $750-$1,000


For the pro set up we recommend getting a professional poker table for sale. This is a full on luxury table complete with professional grade construction. It has all the features like cup holders, comfortable armrests and even a dealer position. You can get a classic green felt for this table but you also have other color options to match your gaming room. If you really love poker this is the one for you.

Price: $2,000-$3,500

Total pro set up cost:


Hope this article helped you find out the suitable poker home game set up for you. Now it's time to start playing!


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