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The Best Game Tables | 2021 Buyers Guide

Game tables are a necessity if you are the type who enjoys some indoor activities. But with the countless game tables in the market, you don't know how to find the best game table. With this buying guide, you will learn about the best game table and what makes them great.

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Best Multi Game Table

Fat Cat Original Pockey 7ft Black 3 in 1 Multi Game Table

This Fat Cat multi game table works if you are looking forward to playing multiple games, but you don't have enough space at home. You can enjoy a game of pool, air hockey, and ping pong with your friends and family.

If you are looking for an exciting multi game table for sale, then this table might be for you. It is sleek and durable, which accentuates a high-end feel. These qualities maximize your gaming experience. Changing games is easy where you only have to unlock convenient latches and flip the surface.

What You Should Look for in a Multi Game Table

An excellent game table should be solid and long-lasting, but it shouldn't be too heavy. A giant game table may seem like the best idea. But, it will be difficult to transport if you ever need to move it to another location. The table must have high-quality, long-lasting materials with a smooth playing surface. A combination of wood, metal, and sturdy plastic materials provides some of the best multi-game tables.

The best multi game table should have:

  • A strong MDF board
  • Durable metal legs for stability
  • High-quality ABS, PE, and PP components

Best Poker Table

BBO Poker Tables Helmsley Poker Dining Table 8 Person

This BBO Poker table serves an elite feel that can accommodate up to ten players. If you're looking for a more classic and functional gaming experience, then this is the best poker table for you.

However, the BBO Helmsley poker table is on the pricier side, so if you're on a budget, you can opt out from buying it. But despite the high price, it comes with a high-quality poker table that will last you for years. Also, this best poker table can accommodate 6 persons for dining and 8 persons for playing poker. The dining top stays on top of pegs to not leave marks on the poker table.

What You Should Look for in Poker Tables

Suppose you are already looking for a poker table for sale. If so, you will need accurate measurements of the designated area. These tables come with chairs. So, make sure to take precise measurements to ensure the players' comfort.

The quality of the poker table's felt surface is crucial. It improves your playing experience by allowing the cards to glide and flow across it. High-end felts are carved out of speed cloth. These come from familiar materials like olefin and polyester.

Best Pool Table

Playcraft Monaco Slate Pool Table with Dining Top

The Playcraft Monaco slate pool table is the best pool table if you're looking for a high-quality table. It has a modern and sleek look that also offers over 25 cloth colors for you to choose from. You may also include a set of high-quality Monaco benches, wall rack, floor rack, and gaming equipment.

A vital feature of this best pool table is its leveling hardware that allows micro-adjustments. It provides an even surface for a great gaming experience.

What You Should Look for in a Pool Table

If you are looking for a pool table for sale, you should consider the following:

  • Level: The table should be adjustable for proper leveling.
  • Quality: Solid hardwood
  • Slate: Diamond-honed surfaces are great for pool slates.
  • Felt: The felt should be glued and screwed.
  • Rails: Hardwood.
  • Pockets: Soft rubberized plastic

You will also want a pool table with metal-on-metal fittings on hardwood materials. This kind of construction assures that your joints stay solid and durable as time goes by. This is especially critical if you want to move the table.

Another great thing to note is that heirloom furniture has solid hardwood. Also, it features metal-on-metal hardware. Because of these, you can pass the pool table to future generations.

Best Shuffleboard Table

Hudson Metro Shuffleboard Table 9'-22' with Finish Options

This Hudson Metro shuffleboard table is the best shuffleboard table if you're looking for a more high-end one. It is made out of hardwood and powder-coated steel that is durable and family-friendly. Additionally, the metro shuffleboard is highly customizable. You have the option to customize the size, color, finish, and other multiple upgrades.

Moreover, you can upgrade this best shuffleboard table to be weather resistant if you want to play outdoors. Also, another great update is to add rolling casters on the table’s legs for easier transportation.

What You Should Look for in Shuffleboard Tables

High impact and dropped pucks can cause damage to your shuffleboard table. The table might be costly to repair after it has been damaged. That is why you should choose a table constructed of solid wood. With such characteristics, it can survive the high impact and the test of time. It's essential to get a shuffleboard table with a sturdy hardwood playing surface.

Birch, hard maple, mahogany, and oak are the best hardwoods for a shuffleboard table. However, a more cost-effective choice is soft maple coated with epoxy resin. Consider this information when you're searching for a shuffleboard table for sale.

Best Air Hockey Table

Gold Standard Games Gold Flare LED 8ft Air Hockey Table

The Gold Flare hockey table by Gold Standard Games is one of the finest pieces in their product list. It's the best air hockey table if you're going for design and durability. The famous Air Hockey Champion, Mark Robbins, partnered with Gold Standard Games to create the ultimate hockey table.

Also, this best air hockey table includes an electronic scoring unit for that full gaming experience. It also offers the perfect professional low-profile style with professional-level airflow. Therefore, it creates a great air cushion for the puck, wherein you can play seamlessly. The table is also finished with amazing LED lights that spark a great vibe in your gaming area.

What You Should Look for in an Air Hockey Table

The side rails or rink walls of air hockey tables receive more impact. For a great bounce and durability, look for rink walls made of thick nylon or solid aluminum.

The way the table receives vertical support is one of the most critical factors to consider. If you want a long-lasting game table, look for an air hockey table for sale with sturdy legs. The ideal legs are steel or wood laminate legs. Test by pressing and pushing the table around to make sure it's stable.

Best Foosball Table

Garlando G-500 Evolution Foosball Table

Garlando has created the best foosball table on the market by fusing sport and design. You can achieve a more professional feel out of the Evolution Foosball table with its black and silver combination. Additionally, its scaffolding is made out of an inch of medium density fiberboard coated with melamine. The four inches square steel legs are equipped with levelers and extra coating for durability.

Furthermore, this table has telescopic rods made from high resistance hollow steel bars with ergonomic grips. Thus, you can experience a comfortable and smooth game play for hours.

What You Should Look for in Foosball Tables

Getting a foosball table with table levelers is a must if you'd like to play a fair game. If your table leans in any way, the person who is not on the leaning side has the most significant advantage.

You should consider steel-made playing rods when looking for a foosball table for sale. You must ensure that the table has steel rods. Because hollow rods are not as weighty as solid rods, they allow you to play faster.

Best Ping Pong Table

Garlando Pro Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Garlando Pro outdoor ping pong table is great if you're looking for a fun table tennis game outdoors. It delivers a high-quality table tennis table that maximizes your outdoor gaming experience. It is equipped with a 50 mm stainless steel frame and legs. And, combined with a 4 mm melamine top, this table can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Also, the table is so easy to assemble that you can set everything up within 30 minutes. It also comes with a storage area for your paddles and balls. Lastly, it is constructed with eight locking wheels wherein you can have the extra mobility but still secure them in one place.

You can scroll through more table tennis tables for sale here.

What You Should Look for in a Ping Pong Table

Suppose you're someone who plays table tennis occasionally. In that case, you may choose a less-priced yet decent-quality ping pong table. A great ping pong table should feature a thicker surface, ranging from 19mm for budget models to 25mm. A wider surface provides a more consistent playing surface with minor variance. This works no matter where the ball bounces on the table.


When looking for the best game table, it is essential to consider which game you enjoy the most. There are great multi game tables in the market for you to choose from that offer multiple games in one. But if you're keen on practicing a particular game, then you may choose single recreational tables.

You must look for high-quality tables if you want your game table to last. Game tables are your investment whether you're using them every day, weekly, or occasionally.

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