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Poolside Paradise: Creating A Resort-Inspired Outdoor Pool Table Area

We all long for a luxurious getaway, but you don't have to look any further than your backyard! 

With over 5 million pool tables sold annually in the US alone, it's easy to turn your outdoor space into a resort-style oasis.

Here, we'll show you how to create the perfect poolside paradise with a few simple tips and tricks. 

From choosing the right outdoor pool table for sale to creating an inviting ambience, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about crafting a resort-inspired outdoor pool area that will have friends and family wanting to stay forever.

Read here how you can maintain your outdoor pool table new and clean!

Choosing the Right Pool Table

Choosing the right pool table price for your resort-inspired outdoor area is key to creating a paradise. 

Whether you seek an old-fashioned, classic look or something more modern, there are many contemporary pool tables available that will fit the bill.

Consider the size of your space and the type of atmosphere you want to create when selecting a pool table for your area. 

Do you want it to be a focal point or blend in with its surroundings? Will it be placed inside or outside?

A modern pool table will provide an up-to-date aesthetic, making a statement without being too loud. 

For those looking for something more subtle and timeless, there are plenty of classic options available as well.

Whichever direction you choose to go in, make sure that it suits both your design sensibilities and practical needs so that it can become an integral part of your outdoor paradise. 

Keep in mind that finding the right balance between aesthetics and function is essential; if done properly, this can be achieved with ease.

With careful consideration given to these factors, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect pool table for your resort-inspired outdoor area. 

Once selected, setting up the area around it becomes much easier!

Setting Up the Area

Setting up your own backyard oasis doesn't have to be difficult! 

Once you've chosen the perfect modern pool table like the American Heritage Pool Table for your outdoor area, it's time to set it up.

The first step is to choose a level surface and make sure your pool table won't wobble or move around when in use. 

It's best to pick a spot that is well-shaded and away from any direct sunlight - this will help keep the felt and cushions in good condition for longer.

You should also think about where you want to place the cue rack and ball tray. 

If you're going for a sleek, modern look, try mounting them on the wall near the playing surface. 

This will also free up space for other furniture pieces like chairs or couches which can be placed around the edges of the pool table.

Adding Comfort and Style

Once you've set up your Vision Pool Tables, it's time to add comfort and style! 

To give your outdoor area a resort-inspired feel, consider adding comfortable seating with plenty of cushions. 

You'll also want to make sure your guests have enough space to move around without bumping into each other.

Depending on the size of your outdoor area, you can opt for a large sectional sofa or several smaller chairs placed in strategic positions. 

Adding a few tables and sideboards will provide additional storage for drinks and snacks as well as create an inviting atmosphere.

If you're looking for something more luxurious, consider adding an outdoor bar with stools and some ambient lighting such as tiki torches or string lights. 

If the weather permits, add a fire bowl that will keep everyone warm when it gets chilly later at night.

Stocking Up on Pool Supplies

To make sure everyone can play their best game, stock up on pool supplies! Make sure to include:

Cue sticks

Pool table cover

Chalk and brush

Having the right supplies is essential for a great game of pool. 

Quality cue sticks will ensure consistency in every shot, while a pool table cover will protect your Gameroom Concepts from dust, dirt, and humidity. 

Chalk and a brush are also essential to keep your cue stick in peak condition.

Investing in quality supplies ensures that you get the most out of your outdoor pool table area.

Take it one step further by enhancing the ambiance with ambient lighting, comfortable seating, and other fun decorations.

Enhancing the Ambience

Adding some finishing touches can bring your poolside area to life! 

To really complete the look, consider adding elements that will create a resort-inspired atmosphere.

One great way to do this is with soft textiles. 

Place colorful throw pillows and outdoor rugs in the seating area for a bright and inviting vibe. 

Add curtains or drapes around the perimeter of the space for added privacy and a more luxurious feel. 

If you don't want to invest in waterproof fabric, try spray painting traditional fabrics with an outdoor sealant.

For extra comfort, add inflatable float chairs or hammocks for lounging by the pool.

For additional tranquility, add water features like fountains or bubblers near seating areas to provide soothing sounds and visual interest. 

Wind chimes can also be hung from nearby trees to create calming tones as they move in the breeze. 

Pre-made fire pits are another great addition that can help extend those summer nights into cooler evenings while providing cozy ambience and heat during chillier months.

Finally, plants are essential when trying to achieve a resort-like atmosphere.

Place potted plants near seating areas for added color and texture; create living walls using trailing vines; plant tall palms near perimeters of the space; hang baskets filled with low-maintenance plants from surrounding trees; use large planters as room dividers for improved privacy; fill empty spaces with ground coverings such as flowers and shrubs for fullness and vibrancy–the possibilities are endless!

With these simple touches, you'll have created an inviting oasis where you'll want to spend all your free time.

Now it's time to focus on creating the perfect lighting...

Creating the Perfect Lighting

Lighting can be the key to transforming your space into a dreamy oasis! Incorporating the perfect lighting into your poolside paradise and Playcraft Rio Grande Slate Pool Table can create an atmosphere that is both inviting and luxurious.

When considering lighting for your outdoor pool area, there are some key elements to consider:

Ambient Lighting

This type of lighting helps set the tone and mood of the area. Consider adding lights around pathways, seating areas or even in trees or garden beds.

Task Lighting

This type of lighting will help illuminate any activities that may take place in the area such as playing pool or entertaining guests.

Outdoor sconces, pendants, and string lights are all great options for task lighting.

Accent Lighting

Finally, accent lighting adds visual interest to the space and can be used to highlight unique features such as plants or décor items. 

Consider using uplights for larger items like trees or sculptures, while downlights work well for highlighting smaller details like artwork or furniture pieces.

When incorporating these different types of light fixtures into your outdoor pool table area, it's important to remember that layering is key! 

Use different levels of brightness on various fixtures to create depth and dimension in your space—this will make it feel much more cozy and inviting!

With thoughtful consideration and creative placement, you'll have a resort-inspired outdoor paradise with perfectly lit surroundings.

Incorporating Other Resort Features

Now that you have your perfect lighting set up, enhance the atmosphere with other resort-style features! 

Adding comfortable furniture and decor items will create a space that looks and feels like an oasis. 

Start by choosing lounge chairs or seating areas to make sure everyone has somewhere to relax between games. 

Look for a variety of seating options, such as deep sofas and cushioned chairs, in outdoor-appropriate materials like all-weather wicker, teak wood, or aluminum.

To keep the area looking inviting even when it's not in use, add potted plants around the perimeter for a lush effect. 

A few well-placed tiki torches can also help transport you to paradise.

If you have enough space near the pool table area, consider adding an outdoor bar cart stocked with your favorite beverages so guests can grab refreshments without having to go inside. 

And if there's room for it, why not install a small fountain? For ultimate relaxation vibes, nothing beats gentle trickling water sounds! 

If possible, incorporate natural elements like stone pathways or wooden arbors into the design scheme – these touches will give your backyard poolside escape an extra level of luxury.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to keep my pool table clean?

Regularly clean your American Heritage Savannah Billiard Table with a damp cloth and mild detergent. 

We also ensure it is covered when not in use to protect it from dust, dirt, and debris. 

Regularly checking and maintaining the felt for smoothness completes our cleaning routine.

How can I make my pool table area child-friendly?

We delight in creating a safe, fun pool table experience for children by investing in quality outdoor gear and adding features like bumpers and shorter cues. 

With our imaginative ideas, we'll create an oasis of entertainment that's both kid-friendly and enjoyable.

Are there any safety tips to consider when setting up a pool table area?

We recommend setting up pool table areas with safety in mind. 

Ensure the area is well-lit, use non-slip flooring, and consider installing guard rails to prevent balls from going into other areas.

What is the best type of table cover for my pool table?

We recommend a vinyl pool table cover! It's strong, durable and offers the perfect mix of protection and style. 

Plus, it provides a great grip so your shots stay accurate. Anecdotally, our friends had their outdoor table cover for years and it still looks as good as new.

How can I make sure my pool table area is up to code with local regulations?

We'll research local regulations to ensure our pool table area is compliant. We'll consult experts and double-check details to confirm all safety requirements are met.


We've reached the end of our journey, and what a ride it's been! 

We started out with just an idea, but with hard work and creativity, we've transformed it into a resort-inspired poolside paradise.

Our pool table area is now equipped with everything needed to make it feel like an escape from daily life. 

The irony? Even though we created this in our own backyard, we still want to go on vacation!

So grab your swimsuit, gather your friends, and get ready for some fun in the sun… You won't regret it!

Need Help Choosing the Right Game Table?

Contact us now and talk to one of our experts to help you find the right products for your gameroom