Pool Table Game Strategies

Do you want to up your pool game? There are fundamental concepts in playing pool.  Professional players share the strategy of using angles. Having the ability to calculate where the ball will go can be challenging.  However, by borrowing some geometry rules, you will be a champion in the best pool tables.

1. The Reflection Rule 

In geometry, the reflection rule shows the flip side of a figure called a “figures reflection.” Try shining a flashlight towards a mirror at different angles. The mirror will show the light’s reflection angle.

The same concept applies to your pool shots. Instead of attempting blank shots, use the reflection rule to determine where the cue ball will go.  Hit the ball at a 30-degree angle, and your ball will bounce off the side of the table at a 30-degree angle also. Use this strategy whenever you want to take a direct hit on another shot. 

If you want to make a direct hit on a ball that is the same distance away from the side of the table as the cue ball, find a space exactly between your cue ball and the ball you are targeting to hit.  To get the approximate distance between the two, try drawing invisible lines to the side of the table from both balls. Find the point directly between them. Remember - this is the exact spot from the edge of the table to get a direct hit with your cue ball. 

Whenever you buy a pool table, notice that they have a small diamond design along the sides. The diamond assists players in estimating where the ball will go using the reflection rule. 

2. Hitting the Ball 

By hitting a ball directly, it will follow the invisible line that your cue ball is following.  However, hitting the ball on its left side will veer the ball to the right. The same rule follows when you hit the ball on its right side.  How hard you hit will direct the ball accordingly.  

The concept of spinning the ball is when you don’t hit the ball in the middle.  Do this whenever

you don’t want to strike the ball ¼ entirely but still want to move the ball at a sharp angle. 

Are you excited to apply these strategies to your next pool game?  There is a variety of pool dining tables for sale at great prices. Have one delivered to your home soon and wow your friends with your skills!