Maintain Your Outdoor Pool Table with These 4 Easy Hacks

Outdoor billiard tables are subject to severe stress and various weather changes. And though they are built to last, with features that can protect them from the harshest of sunlight and climate, proper maintenance would help prolong their lifespan and help you get the most out of your purchase. Here are some tips to help you keep your outdoor pool table longer:

It All Starts with General Protection

Keep your pool table in pristine condition by protecting it from some elements that you can control. Though outdoor pool tables can stand the test of sunlight and even rainfall, using its cover when not in use or when it’s raining heavily can extend its use for a year or two. This is especially useful with wood pool tables, which are not as sturdy as slate ones and can suffer from severe damages when neglected in times of harsh weather conditions.

Inspect, Detect, and Fix!

We love hanging out by the outdoor pool table with food and drinks though it is not advisable. Inspecting your pool table regularly ensures that leftovers, crumbs or stains are detected early before ants and other pests find them and create tiny damages. 

Inspecting your pool table also ensures that damages are fixed immediately, stopping them from spreading and ultimately resulting in the deterioration of your pool table. 

Regular Cleaning is Key!

As in all other equipment or furniture, keeping your pool table clean helps you get your money’s worth. Follow these instructions for proper pool table cleaning:

  • Use an appropriate brush of cloth so as not to damage your pool table’s felt. Outdoor pool tables usually come with standard cloth brush, which is specially designed for pool table cleaning.
  • Use gentle, brisk sweeping movement to remove chalk, dust, and talc away.
  • Never sweep in a circular motion to preserve the cloth material.
  • Regularly vacuum the cloth to remove dirt that cannot be cleaned away by mere brushing.
  • Aside from the felt, they also give special attention to the frame. Use an appropriate wood cleaner and furniture polish to protect and preserve the wood surface of your pool table.
  • Do not forget to clean each ball. 

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure. Do not abuse your pool table if you want it to last for years. Always practice safe play and avoid difficult shots that could dig into the cloth and can cause minor scratches.