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Is Air Hockey A Real Sport?

Is Air Hockey A Real Sport?

Contrary to what most people know, Air Hockey is a legitimate sport. Many official leagues of the sport conduct competitions that bring together different players of various levels.

Air Hockey is also a popular pastime for families even before it was declared an official sport. Setting up is easy because you only need the following to start:

  • Home air hockey table
  • Two strikers (also known as paddles, goalies, or mallets)
  • Hockey puck

The History Behind Air Hockey

Employees of Brunswick Billiards invented Air Hockey back in the early 1970s, which makes it new compared to a lot of popular sports. People found the game so enjoyable that different leagues started hosting competitions worldwide. Unfortunately, the rules also started becoming complicated because the inventors never set out an official set of instructions about how you should play the game.

To put an end to the ongoing uncertainty, the United Air-Table Hockey Association released its own rules. They declared it to be the ones everyone should follow, even in tournaments. The association hosts an annual competition that has the best players in the sports from different places worldwide. The competitive nature of the event makes it difficult for nonprofessionals to join, and the players are almost the same every year.

However, you can host your small tournament with a local league. Find yourself a top-rated Air Hockey Table plus two (2) paddles and a puck, and you're good to go. Inviting members and players won't be hard because of the increasing popularity of the sport.

The Official Rules Of Air Hockey

Before starting a game, make sure you know how it works. Proper knowledge of the rules helps avoid confusion and unwanted arguments in future competitions.

Number of rounds per game: seven (7)

Number of goals to declare a win: seven (7)

How to score a point: a player must aim and shoot the puck towards the opponent's slot. If the puck is only halfway through but tilted upwards, then it is also considered a point.

The equipment used during a game: a top rated air hockey table, one (1) mallet for each player and a puck.

Reasons for a foul:

  • A player uses another object or a part of the body to hit the puck.
  • A player puts the paddle on top of the puck to stop it.
  • A player takes more than seven (7) seconds to release the puck in possession.
  • Unnecessary or excessive delays.
  • A player loses control of his paddle midgame.

  1. A player only has seven (7) seconds to release the puck when it's their turn to serve.
  2. A player is only allowed less than thirty (30) seconds for a time out unless the official allows additional time.
  3. A player cannot go beyond the centerline. They should only stay on their side.

Overall, the game should be a universal bridge to meet new friends and potential players. You can do your part as a host by purchasing the best home air hockey table you can find. Consider it as an investment for future competitions.

Need Help Choosing the Right Game Table?

Contact us now and talk to one of our experts to help you find the right products for your gameroom