Increase Your Chances of Winning a Foosball Game

If you want to guarantee your chances of winning a game of foosball, then you’ll have to be ready to do some exercises to help you improve. There are many foosball tables for sale, so you can start practicing at home. Here are some tips to help you win a game of foosball.

Stop and Shooting the Ball

Your primary goal in a foosball game is to stop the ball of your opponent and shoot your ball on their side. It's one of the hardest skills to master in foosball because the mall moves fast, and you need to pay attention to it.

You don’t just have to watch the ball, but you also need to learn how to move along the rods of the table, hit or block the ball, and learn to aim. There are some best foosball table out there which can help you practice, especially if you're starting. 

Playing Stance

Like any game, you’ll need to master the proper stance to move quickly along the rods and have good wrist movement. Foosball games are about how fast you are in turning rods and how quick your wrist is to make the action. You can even practice your playing stance without having an actual game so that you can concentrate on your position.

You'll have to practice indoors and outdoors since their landscapes are different. An outdoor game of foosball might require a different stance, and it’s a good thing there are outdoor foosball tables to help you. 


Circling is a strategy you have to master to distract your opponent, but it’s a skill that requires a lot of practice. Circling distracts your opponent, while you can make a move at making a goal. You need a lot of training for this skill because you'll have to do a bit of multi-tasking.

Firstly, you’ll need to move around your players on the game and pretend like you’re about to hit the ball. Your opponent will be confused with your strategy, and they'll be distracted thinking of what your next move is. Once you think you've confused them, make a move at making your goal. 

Foosball is a great game to play with friends even if you're just at home. It's a good thing there is a lot of foosball table for sale which you can practice on and put in your home.