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How to Host Fun Home Poker Games

If you love playing poker and you own a home poker table, why not try your hand at arranging a game night in your man cave? It’s a great idea for entertainment and it saves people the hassle of visiting a casino. As a host, you’re free to invite your best buddies for a great poker night. Here are some handy tips to help you out.


1. Invite Friends

Aside from a great poker table, you’ll first need to build a base of players to organize a successful game. How do you make this happen? Network! Begin by inviting your family and friends who are also fellow poker players. Expand your network by asking people you meet during games for their contact information. This way, you can easily reach them once you’re all set to host a game night. 


2. Go All Out with Snacks and Drinks

Every time you invite people to come over, offering some refreshments is basic etiquette. Since you’re inviting them for a fun game, you’ll also need to prepare some snacks and drinks. Perhaps a few boxes of pizza and chicken wings partnered with soda or beer--make sure to have cupholders! Some people, however, might just want some chips to snack on and water. It’s best to figure out what type of food your playmate buddies would enjoy and plan it accordingly.   


3. Add Some Music

Have a music track running in the background to keep the atmosphere of the game exciting and lively. You may want to play your favorite tracks or some fine jazz music. Generally, music with a slow tempo helps to soothe players and entice their mind to focus on the game, which makes them stay for a longer time. 


4. Have Your Equipment Ready

It’s best to invest in quality poker essentials. A sturdy and visually appealing set of equipment will impress your guests, increasing the chances of them coming back again for another game.  There are a lot of poker tables for sale but make sure to choose one that suits your needs and likes. For instance, the Ginza 2-in-1 poker table is your best options for occasional game nights. This type of table can be conveniently transformed into a dining table when not in use. For weekly games, you may want to invest in solid, furniture-style tables that can accommodate a larger group of players, such as the full-size Texas Holdem poker table. 


5. Comfortable Seating for Everyone

Since players are pretty much glued to their seats during the whole game session, it makes sense to invest in quality chairs. A comfortable and sturdy set of chairs will go a long way towards enhancing the mood and enjoyment of the evening. 


Hosting a successful home poker night might not be an easy task, but with proper planning and early preparation, all things can go smoothly! Take the time to go over the factors and make sure you have a reliable poker table available. Still browsing around looking to buy a poker table? Check out our online shop and get the best deals today.

Need Help Choosing the Right Game Table?

Contact us now and talk to one of our experts to help you find the right products for your gameroom