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How to Build a Luxury Game Room: Transform & Entertain More

How to Build a Luxury Game Room: Transform & Entertain More

Game rooms are the perfect way to take boring or unutilized space in your home and transform it into an entertainment space.

Game rooms are perfect for hosting parties, having a night with friends and family, or even spending intimate time watching your favorite movies or TV show with a loved one.

Most importantly, game rooms are incredibly easy and fun to set up. With just one indoor pool table, some comfortable chairs, and a little decor, you can transform empty, carpeted basement space into a personal man cave or entertainment room.

However, if you’re looking to take your game room up a notch, we have you covered with some luxury game room ideas to transform your game room into a luxury space that belongs in a magazine. 

Choosing a Theme

The first step to designing any game room is selecting a theme. You have lots of options, but your theme will generally determine everything else you purchase, including your entertainment center, game table, decor, etc.

Some popular game room themes include:

  • Home Cinema/Movie Theater: This theme may include a large TV, projector screen, pool table, and several comfortable couches and chairs.
  • Bar/Speakeasy Theme: A rustic bar theme featuring mute colors, dim lights, and a pool table/bar as the centerpiece of this room. Furniture may incorporate barstools, and plenty of light fixtures can be used to make this space come to life. 
  • Contemporary Luxury Game Room: A game room with a luxury pool table, LED chandeliers, polished wood floors, a bar, high chairs, and maybe an area with a couch to watch TV. 
  • Classic: A classic, rustic, or farmhouse-style game room can be in any dining room or separate room and will feature a luxury pool table with a rustic farmhouse finish that may or may not double as a dining table. In addition, this game room could include china cabinets, snooker lamps, and everything else you already incorporate in your luxury dining room. 
  • Arcade Theme: This retro-style game room features classic video games like Pacman and classic arcade games like basketball arcade games or air hockey. 
  • Man Cave: This luxury game room may incorporate neon signs, sports memorabilia, a foosball or billiards table, a large TV for games, and of course, a comfortable couch.

However, you can also find endless luxury game room themes on Pinterest, such as themes like Malibu, industrial kitchen, mountain modern, etc. 

Selecting a Centerpiece

Once you select a theme for your luxury game room, you’ll need to select a centerpiece for your room. For example, a contemporary game room may incorporate a chic, luxury pool table, such as this Playcraft Monaco Slate Pool Table with Dining Top.

On the other hand, if you were going for a bar or speakeasy theme, you might incorporate a more traditional pool table or shuffleboard table as the centerpiece of your room.

Generally, you have a few options for centerpieces, including a game table, projector screen, large TV, or an entertainment center for watching TV and playing video games.

Selecting the centerpiece of your game room should also depend on your audience. So if your friends and family gravitate more towards billiards and bar games, go with a bar theme featuring a traditional pool table as your centerpiece. 

Ambient Lighting

Once you have a theme and centerpiece picked out, it’s time to set the mood. Your lighting will ultimately depend on your theme and color scheme. For example, if your game room has a muted bar theme with drab colors like grays and blacks, then dimmable light fixtures are a great way to capture that grungy look.

On the other hand, a contemporary game room or modern mountain game room could benefit from lots of natural sunlight.

Here are some additional ideas to adjust your lighting to best suit your room:

  • Use bright lights over your game table or centerpiece and dull lights elsewhere. This highlights your game table as the centerpiece and will be the most attractive part of your game room. Snooker lamps and chandeliers are great options just above a pool table. 
  • Experiment with light fixtures to create dull or dim lights in game rooms designed to be secluded from the rest of the house. 
  • Use LED or neon lights for fun-themed game rooms, such as man caves, retro-style arcade rooms, or fun children’s game rooms. 


Use decor like drapes, light fixtures, paintings, posters, neon signs, and anything else you can throw on the walls to give your game room some depth and character.

On the other hand, you can use stylish game room furniture to really take game rooms up a notch. For example, this Playcraft Premium Hardwood Billiard Wall Rack is a great addition to any game room with a pool table that needs a little something extra.

Of course, don’t forget about chairs, such as bar stools for bars, high chairs for islands used for dining, and couches or sectionals for game rooms with a large TV. 

Additional Luxury Game Room Ideas

  • Investing in Better Bandwidth: If you plan to watch games, movies, or play video games in your game room, consider getting enough bandwidth to accommodate multiple people and get the best quality streams. In addition, upgrading to 4K is a great way to awe guests in your luxury game room. 
  • Building a Bar: While we’ve talked about bar-themed game rooms, a bar just makes sense in any game room. However, if you don’t want a full-length bar, this Hathaway Ridgeline 60" Home Bar Set with Storage offers a stylish bar set in a space-saving design. 
  • Soundproofing: Game rooms can get pretty rowdy, and soundproofing can be a smart way to ensure that you don’t upset the family or neighbors if you have guests over. 
  • Provide Dining Table Options: Game rooms don’t just need to be used solely for games. Using a dining room as a game room, or vice versa, via a bar or dining table space, is a great way to get multiple uses out of a single room while keeping it on theme. 
  • Consider a Multi-Game Table: Why settle for one centerpiece game table when you can play multiple games with a multi-game table? Brands like Hathaway and Fat Cat offer multi-game tables that allow users to play billiards, table tennis, and air hockey on the same table. These tables are the ultimate value buy for game rooms with limited space.

Designing a luxury game room starts with picking a theme and a centerpiece. From there, the rest is just interior decorating and design.

For the best luxury game tables in multiple styles, browse our wide selection at Gaming Blaze. We offer everything from luxury pool tables to foosball tables designed for entertainment and countless fun.

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