How the Other Half Plays: Celebrity Man Caves and Game Rooms

How the Other Half Plays: Celebrity Man Caves and Game Rooms

They say inside every successful person is a child still looking to play. We all admire big-time celebrities with all their charms but often forget that they need to let it all hang out sometimes, just like the rest of us. While late-night partying and jet setting might be enticing, there are those folks who just love to feather up their home nests with some serious recreation. Blending riches with excellent taste and a sense of fun, they make our home man cave and game room dreams come true. Take a look behind the basement door at some of these killer entrainment centers our favorite celebs got going on!

Mike Skinner’s Hideaway

Now that he’s not speeding down the NASCAR circuit anymore, Mike Skinner can settle into his incredible man cave. The “Gun Slinger,” as he’s also known, has brought that cowboy aesthetic into this rustic-themed space which you can easily tell is all class! The stained hardwood floors and stone walls just come out shooting Old West vibes. It’s like a saloon fit for a king. And check out that sweet home pool table! That thing could feel at home in an art museum with a bespoke hand-carved wooden base undergirding the billiard plane. Seems like the perfect place to settle down after years of burning rubber on the track!

Christina Aguilera’s Game Room

She may have been the “Voice of a Generation,” but Christina Aguilera might also be the perfect spokesperson for chilling out in the basement! As any visitor can see, the “What a Girl Wants” singer proves that a serious gaming space was on her bucket list. From loads of standup arcade video games to pinball machines, you can almost hear the sounds and lights competing with the diva’s hits coming in over the speakers! But that lovely red felt pool table offers up something for the more sophisticated stick pro. Still, we could see something missing here. Memo to Christina: throw in a nice professional foosball table to kick things up a notch.

50 Cent’s Home Casino

They say whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and we have to wonder: with all these incredible gaming tables in his mansion, maybe rapper 50 Cent has stuff that stays in his man cave, too! As you can see from the moment you step into this space, the man is serious about playing cards, especially blackjack. Professional tables drenched in colors on green felt turn a night over into a kaleidoscope of casino-style fun. The famous musician also has a private movie theater and full basketball in the basement. This sounds awesome, but we have to wonder if all that stuff leaves much room for storing old books and Xmas decorations!

Kenyon Martin’s Man Cave

Basketball fans might already know that Knicks superstar Kenyon Martin is quite the serious ball player around a net. But what they might not know is just how serious he is about his entertainment room! Let’s start out with every young boy’s dream come true: the man has his own private bowling alley! It’s four lanes of ball-rolling, pin-blasting fun, complete with video scoring sheets. And then there’s his industrial-style billiards table. The imposing steel-based figure looks like it belongs in some bygone art deco skyscraper lobby. Oh, when you’re done playing inside, Martin has a pool complete with waterslides outside. Bring your own towel!

Adam Corolla’s “Man Show” Man Cave

If you remember the classic “Man Show” starring stellar standup comedian Adam Corolla, the vibe of this particular private entertaining space might not surprise you too much. After all, this is the guy who made masculinity cool again with the brainchild he and his old cohost Jimmy Kimmel came up with. So, of course, he basically built an old school pub in his basement. It looks like the place rugged dudes go to throw back beers and shoot some Jägermeister. It’s almost complete: pool table, jukebox, top shelf liquor — but hey, Adam, where’s the shuffleboard table?