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Hold'em and Host'em: A House Party Game Guide for Poker

You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, and know how to host 'em if you want to throw a good poker party.

A poker party should feel like an escape from the rigor of everyday life. You want your guests to feel relaxed, comfortable, and ready to strap in for several hours.

This article will give you a house party game guide to throw a great poker party.

1. Establish House Rules

Hey, it's your house, your rules, but you need to make sure your guests are on the same page.

Before you even dole out the chips and deal the cards, you need to establish house rules.

Be sure you know the official rules of Texas Hold 'Em as well or better than your guests. As the host, it's your job to understand the game inside and out. 

Decide when you will be raising blinds and if there are any wild cards. Don't leave anyone surprised by a rule that you implement differently. 

2. Serve Good Snacks

A good game of poker can stretch into the wee hours of the morning.

It's important as the host that you serve foods that everyone will like. Choose hearty snacks that are full of protein to keep people fuller longer.

Chicken tenders, finger sandwiches, and hummus dip are all good choices. Personal pizzas are a fun snack that guests can make themselves if you provide a variety of ingredients.

Set designated food breaks so no one gets crumbs on your felt poker table. 

Drinks should also be served. Make poker-themed cocktails to hammer in the theme and get people relaxed. 

Keep people well hydrated by setting up a water station in the poker room. 

3. Bet On It

Playing a fun game just based on chips is great, but putting real money on the table raises the stakes.

Have a table fee to enter the game. If you have 10 players, a $50 table fee will send the winner home with $500. You can decide how much you want the play-in fee to be. 

This depends on how competitive your friends are.

4. Offer Alternative Entertainment

The very nature of poker means the playing table will slowly be dwindled down to one lucky winner.

It's important you offer other entertainment for those who get out of the game early. 

Have a tv set up in another room where guests who are out can watch a show or play a video game. 

Now You Have a Fun House Party Game Guide

Hosting a poker game is all about creating a laid-back ambiance. We hope this house party game guide has inspired you to throw another poker event.

Offer your guests what they need to relax and enjoy the experience. Remember that your guests who are out of the game are still your guests and should be entertained as well.

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