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Game On: How to Play Shuffleboard on Your New Table

Did you know that shuffleboard has a Hall of Fame dedicated to the sport? You can earn cash prizes, rewards, and even join numerous clubs. So, how does one play? 

Don't worry, with this guide you can learn how to play shuffleboard. From the basic steps to the scoring procedures, shuffleboard is easy to play. 

Now, are you ready to have some fun? Here are the rules of shuffleboard: 

The Basics

Shuffleboard is a game that includes a single board and eight disks. However, no two tables are the same. Make sure to choose the right shuffleboard table for you, since many vary in size. 

The object of the game is to slide disks to the farthest point on the board without sliding off the table. You can play the game with two players or in teams of two. 

To begin, hand out four weighted disks to each team or player. Disks should be marked, so they are identifiable from each other. However, disks are commonly colored red and blue, so they are easily seen.  

Next, decide who plays first. In most games, whoever won last gets to go first. Although, if it's your first game or you want to be fair, you can always just toss a coin. 

If you're playing with children, however, it's important to think of creative strategies. You can roll a pair of dice, pick straws, or even play rock, paper, scissors. These games will prevent arguments since no favoritism is shown. 

Once you have a starting player, all you have to do is start playing! To gain an advantage, players can knock their opponent's disk off the board. Also, if you're playing in teams, you can knock your teammate's disks higher to increase your score. 


To earn the most points, you must have your disks furthest along the table. Four points are the most you can earn in shuffleboard. To earn four points, a player must have a disk hanging over the end of the table.  

Three points are given when a disk crosses the end line but doesn't hang over the end. However, if the disk only slides near the scoring area, you'll receive two points. If the disk crosses or touches any of the lines, you'll also receive two points. 

Normally points of singular value aren't given out due to their low number. However, if you feel it necessary, you can score rounds with one point throws. 

To win in a two-player game, a player must receive between 11 to 15 points. However, in a team game, the first team to collect all 21 points wins the game. 

Learn How To Play Shuffleboard Today

Learning how to play shuffleboard is not hard. Since you can play in teams, shuffleboard is perfect for anyone who’s looking for some friendly competition. When playing, remember there are multiple ways you can gain an advantage. 

You can tap your teammate's disk higher into position or even knock your opponent's disk off the board. That way, you can increase your score and win the game!

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