Choose the Right Poker Table Shape

Choose the Right Poker Table Shape

When looking to purchase your own poker table you will see that oval and round shapes are the most common ones. You may see an octagon or a modified oval shape but the standard oval and round are going to be the popular options and more widely available. In this article we are going to talk about the differences and what will suit your needs.

All casino poker rooms are outfitted with large oval tables to accommodate as players as possible. If you have a large number of players, oval table will probably be the best fit for you. The classic oval shape allows efficient dealing of cards with the dealer sitting in the middle of the table and close to all players. Oval tables comes in various sizes and you can choose the size that can fit your space.

Although oval table is the classic poker table and most common one, the round shaped table may be the most versatile. If you never have more than 8 people playing at your table, a round table has number of benefits. First of all, it takes up significantly less space than oval shape. So if you space it limited you should consider getting a rounded one. Let's be honest, very few home poker games will have a dealer. the dealer will usually be one of the players and it will switch on each game.  Doing that on a large oval table makes it hard to deal if you are sitting at the far end of the table. With a round table, dealing to all players is much easier no matter where you sit.

We hope this information will help you make the right decision and poker table for sale that best fit your needs. Anyway, you will enjoy playing.


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