Billiards Under the Sky: 4 Reasons to Get an Outdoor Pool Table

Billiards Under the Sky: 4 Reasons to Get an Outdoor Pool Table

A dark room with shallow ceilings and bright lights floating over delicate felt, illuminating the playing space. The sound of caroming cues thudding against soft walls or breaking — against racked balls, reflecting in muffled echoes off basement borders. Collectible décor and maybe some nice ceiling tiles to add a touch of class, complementing the brass on the bar.

If this cinematic description of a home pool table setup sounds a little bit cliché, that’s because it is! The truth is that everybody’s game room space has an individual character all their own. No need to situate it in a “man cave” or noirish basement when it can be in a brightly lit salon overlooking a view of the garden. In fact, a pool table doesn’t need to be indoors at all!

If you’ve never had the pleasure of playing a nice game of billiards under the open sky — day or night — you’re missing out on a sublime experience. Fresh air and a comfortable breeze can take the place of the whiskey and oak aromas you might usually expect. With an outdoor pool table, the whole game can take on the aspect of a real sporting event in an invigorating style.

Doesn’t that sound pretty cool? Maybe it’ll even have you thinking twice about how you approach your home entertainment setup or even your patio strategy. Once you get the idea of setting up your pool table outside, your imagination can run away with you. But in case you need a little nudge in that direction, here are four great reasons you should consider when thinking about leveling up your outdoor game space.

1. Freedom and Fun

Being outside is just an awesome feeling that everybody can enjoy. And having a little elbow room with an outdoor pool table can amp that feeling up. For one thing, say goodbye to those awkward shots that get screwed up by a short wall limiting the room you need for your cue. Also, more onlookers and on-deck players can easily hang around, not feeling all packed into the indoor space.

And then there’s all that adulting you might want to do! Maybe you’re enjoying a few beers during your game? Well, spilling stuff outside won’t be as big of a deal and you won’t have to deal with the lingering odor of stale booze. And speaking of stinky circumstances, think of the cigar aficionados in your gang. Outside, they can enjoy their stogies without you worrying about the smoke sticking to the walls — or affecting your family’s health.

2. A Social Winner

For people who are serious about leveling up their patio space game, there’s nothing quite like having a pool table waiting out there. Here you can have a centerpiece that goes nicely with your outside furniture, wet bar, and maybe even a professional foosball table! Even in the winter, an open firepit will offer a warm glow and make your gatherings that much more fun.

3. Bringing the Family Together

The thing about getting serious gaming at home isn’t always being the host with the most. It’s also about spending quality time with the family. Getting away from the TV-watching routine around a few nice boards of billiards is wonderful for the spouse and kids to make memories and build a loving base. And while you could probably do that with an indoor table, chances are that you’ve got a TV in the game room, too, so get outside for game night!

4. Luxurious and Long-Lasting

A lot of people believe that having a pool table outside means it’ll be vulnerable to the elements. Thing is, these game tables are built to endure those conditions. They’ll even come with multi-year warranties to ensure you’ll enjoy them for a long time. And believe us, your guests will be wowed! Outdoor pool tables afford a sense of luxury, this ability to bring that game under the sun and stars — it’s a pretty sublime experience. And you and your friends will feel it.