A Beginner's Guide To Air Hockey Tables

Are you looking for a fast-paced game that is both thrilling to play and to watch? A game that can be played by people of all ages and types? Air hockey would perfect for you! It would be an excellent addition to any recreation room that your family and your guests will surely enjoy. But before you buy, here is a brief guide to getting a professional air hockey table.

Types of Air Hockey Tables

  1. Arcade Style - This type of air hockey table follows the official regulated size, at 8 feet in length. They tend to be more expensive because the blower motors they come with are more useful for betting gliding of pucks.
  2. Basic Design Tables - These are less expensive compared to arcade tables because they do not come with extras like lights, scoring sounds, and other music.
  3. Tabletop Style - Tabletops are much smaller, portable air hockey tables, which are perfect for those who do not have much space, or want to teach younger kids to play the game.

What Features Should You Look For in An Air Hockey Table?

  1. Table Size - Choosing the size of your air hockey table is dependent on how big the room will be, including the extra space that allows the air hockey players to move as much as they can while playing.
  2. Motor - The motor is an essential part of air hockey because it ensures that air is supplied across the entire surface of the playing field. A sign of a good engine is that it does not make too much noise when running, and it does not overheat.
  3. Power Supply - Air hockey tables can be powered by electricity through plug-ins or through batteries. Most battery-powered ones are used in smaller boards. They are also preferred by people who are seeking portable ones that they can use, even when camping or hiking. If you seek both, there are hybrid air hockey tables that have both.
  4. Rink Walls - Also known as side rails, these things are always hit by the air hockey players, so while shopping for an air hockey table for sale, you should check on the material used to build this. The better options are made from durable nylon or solid aluminum rails that can withstand aggressive heating without worries for dents on scratches.

Choosing among the best air hockey tables might be a difficult journey, but remember, in the end, it all depends on your personal taste and sense of style. Determine which one reflects on your personality while being able to go along with how your rec room's design looks like. Don't forget that at the end of the day, you should go for the one that you like the best.