5 Tips To Be The Best Foosball Player

Having the best foosball table does not necessarily mean you will win all the games that you play, but buying a top-notch one is the best way to start. To be a better player, though, you have to study the techniques and skills that you can apply to up your game. Here are a few tips that every foosball player must know.

  1. Stay Away from Spinning - When you play a casual game with your friends and family, you might succumb to using the spinning technique. But it's something that you must stop doing if you want to play the game seriously. Any foosball tournament does not allow spinning rods, and that is according to the official foosball rules.
  1. Master the Right Playing Stance - To distinguish a professional player from an amateur one, look at the way that they stand and hold the rods. To enjoy better mastery and control of the foosball table, there is a proper way to grip the handles. Hold the handle of the rods with your thumbs at the top and your fingers toward the bottom. This technique gives you the freedom to adjust your clutch to use a wide variety of shots. Look like an expert and match your professional foosball table by having an open stance with your knees slightly bent and your back straight.
  1. Proper Service - Looking at a regular foosball game, it is easy to assume that there is no right way to serve the ball. Just push the ball through the hole and make it rotate near your 5 man rod before making a hit. Just make sure that your fingers won't pass through your foosball table, or else that would be seen as an illegal move.
  1. Ball Control - Learn the art of passing the ball and pinning the ball. You can stop the ball between the foosball table and the player's toe. You can also tilt your player slightly away and then halt the ball through the angle. Another method to try is tic-tacking, which is passing the ball side to side by clacking the ball.
  1. Shooting - To shoot a goal, master a mixture of movements and try to be unpredictable. Shoot from any of your rods, but the best one to use is your 3-man rods.

Now that you know these top 5 tips, practice your techniques and purchase a foosball table for sale now. You will surely hit your targets if you keep on playing the game.