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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Indoor Shuffleboard Table

Did you know that 15th century Englanders started a little-known game called, "shove-groat," that has stuck around for centuries to become one of the most popular billiards games today? Today, we call it: shuffleboard.

If you're a shuffleboard gamer in the market for the next perfect piece to add to your game room, here are 5 tips for choosing the perfect indoor shuffleboard table for your place. 

1. Choose the Right Wood

If you're a true shuffleboard fan, you've seen antique shuffleboards built in the '40s with one specific type of wood. Why is that? Because this wood can stand the test of time and still be in great condition for play. 

That wood is the North American maple. Only found in the U.S., North American maple is by far the best quality wood you'll find for your indoor shuffleboard table. Others are too susceptible to dents and dings from dropped pucks.

2. Shop By Size

It's tempting to choose the best looking or highest quality shuffleboard table you can find. But before you make a purchase, be sure and measure the space in your game room where the shuffleboard will go.

Tournament style tables are 22 feet long, but you can buy compact sizes as short as 9 feet if you need them.

3. Choose the Right Finish

You may want to add a personalized decal or logo to your shuffleboard. This is a fun way to customize your table, but be sure to purchase the best finish to protect the shuffleboard and wood as well.

Most quality shuffleboard designers will give you a finish that comes with a lifetime warranty. Keep in mind that if you do opt for a decal or logo, you'll most likely need the polymer finish. Polymer will help ensure no damage occurs to your custom design.

4. Consider the Cut

Before you buy, get up close and personal with your potential table. Notice that the boards are cut, glued, and laminated together. The most durable, high-quality tables are generally cut with a 20-inch wide surface and are 3" thick.

These measurements make your table capable of multiple refinishes if needed. The thicker tables are also more stable for play.

5. Cabinet Structure Matters

Almost just as important as the shuffleboard table surface itself, is the outer cabinet. A sturdy cabinet gives stability to the table during rousing games. Make sure that you are careful to understand whether your cabinet is getting a hardwood "finish," or a hardwood cabinet. 

The finish is merely the appearance of the cabinet, not the actual material it will be made of. MDF particle board is the cheaper, lower-quality alternative for cabinets than a sturdy hardwood.

Choosing Your Indoor Shuffleboard Table

Now that you've got the top tips for choosing the perfect indoor shuffleboard table, it's time to start browsing. Remember, consider your budget, tastes, and available space before settling on a table. 

For a wide variety of the best shuffleboard tables, browse our selection today. Our gaming-pros are ready and willing to guide you in the selection of the perfect table for your space.