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5 Best Bar and Game Room Furniture Ideas for Your Home

Creating a game room in your basement or spare room is the perfect way to give the kids their privacy or host friends and family for a fun night of games.

Of course, no game room is complete without the right game room furniture to tie the room together and provide plenty of opportunities for comfortable seating, dining, and socialization.

Whether you’re going for a rustic barroom design or something a little more modern, we have you covered with a series of bar and game room furniture ideas that will complete your game room.

5 Best Game Room Furniture Ideas

1. A Game Table

First, you need a centerpiece in the room that draws people's attention and gives them a reason to socialize in that room. A custom pool table can provide endless hours of fun and thrilling excitement while giving your room a unique personality.

While shopping for a pool table, be sure to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Size: Is a pool table large enough to fit in your room and still give people the ability to perform shots and walk around the table freely?
  • Material Construction: A luxury pool table made of solid oak, maple, or mahogany legs and slate can really upgrade the appearance of a room and give it added sophistication. In addition, slate and solid wood pool tables will last longer, saving you money on future replacements. 
  • Design: Many pool tables come with custom felt patterns, including custom graphics or distinct color schemes apart from traditional green. 
  • Dining Top: Several pool tables with dining tops allow customers to cover and dine on their pool tables when not in use.
  • Pool Rack: If you purchase a pool table, you should also get a matching pool rack to store your pool cues and playing equipment. For example, the Playcraft Premium Hardwood Billiard Wall Rack offers a stylish hardwood pool rack to store your pool cues, balls, pool rack, and other wares. However, we also offer floor racks, vintage pool cue racks, and multi-purpose storage caddies to upgrade your pool table.

Ultimately, any game table will suffice, as long as there is enough popular demand for it. For example, an air hockey, professional foosball table, or multi-game table that offers air hockey, foosball, and ping pong all on one table are great ideas to give your game room a centerpiece game table for people to compete on.

In addition, dart boards with cabinet sets, such as this Hathaway Brookline Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set, are a fun addition to any room, offering you the ability to play multiple games at once if you’re hosting a large party. Furthermore, dart board cabinets are highly stylish, decorative, and discreet so that they won’t take up virtually any space in your room.

2. Bar Set

You also need a bar to complete a bar and game room furniture set. Luckily, if you don’t have a built-in bar in your game room, you can purchase a small bar set to store drinks and cups. For example, this Hathaway Ridgeline 60" Home Bar Set with Storage features a classic, furniture-grade Walnut finish and 5-foot height that can be placed anywhere in your room to store liquor and serve drinks.

We also offer additional bar and game room furniture, including this Hathaway Seville Back Bar Mirror that can be installed on any table surface in your game room. Tack on a set of bar chairs, and you can transform any ordinary space into a lively bar and game room area.

3. Pub Table

Complete your bar room look and give people a place to sit, eat, drink, and socialize with a brand-new pub table set. These stylish and rustic-looking tables are small enough to fit in cramped game rooms with large pool tables and can easily populate a larger bar and game room to give it a lively atmosphere.

This Hathaway Oxford Hardwood Walnut Finish 3 Piece Pub Table Set features a beautiful Maple Walnut finish and two padded dining chairs for people to sit, dine, and watch you play a game of pool. In addition, you can choose more affordable pub table sets, including this Hathaway Reminton Chrome and Black 3 Piece Pub Table Set, and save hundreds of dollars.

For an even classier and fun option, you can purchase this fun Hathaway Fortress 3 in 1 Mahogany Chess Game Table w/ Chairs. This chess table is the perfect place to seat people during games and even give them something to do while they wait for their time at the pool table.

4. Spectator Benches

Why buy an expensive couch when you can save money and seat as many people in your game room with a spectator bench. These stylish and affordable game room furniture pieces seat multiple people and can be used for watching games or dining at a table.

Best of all, benches like the Hathaway Unity Rich Mahogany Finish Spectator Storage Bench also double as a pool cue storage chest, giving you new ways to save room and money.

5. Spectator Chairs

While most people opt for cheap barstools, you can give your bar and game room furniture a facelift with some extra-comfy wooden spectator chairs. This Hathaway Cambridge Rich Mahogany Finish Spectator Chair offers a raised seat, padded cushioning, and a beautiful Mahogany finish that will match your bar set or hardwood pool rack.

However, if you’re a fan of barstools, you can upgrade to a nicer set with this Hathaway Avondale 32" Swivel Bar Stool, featuring a padded raised back and 180-degree swivel motion.


Building a game room is a fun experience, and there are several bar and game room furniture ideas to make it uniquely your own. By choosing versatile game room furniture that is both decorative and offers storage options, you can save space and money, designing the ultimate game room of your dreams.

To find the best game room furniture and game tables, browse our wide selection at Gaming Blaze. We offer free shipping on all items and feature the best brands in tables and furniture.

Need Help Choosing the Right Game Table?

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